Why MediRevv

Revenue cycle is everything we do

What’s going on in your business office?

There's no better place to start than where you are today. We simply ask good questions to understand your needs and what lies ahead, and we grow into a partnership where common goals, honesty and respect are each a given.

And then, we do the hard work.


Why MediRevv

Your stability comes from our flexibility

Your revenue cycle situation is one-of-a-kind. 

We value this above all else. Because we've worked with organizations in your region, or those that are comparable in size, or those that have faced similar pain points, we're well-prepped and ready to serve you.  Your operational and financial stability is driven out of our ability to flex our technology and people to solve your revenue cycle challenges.

And we, too, have your patients in mind. Always. 

Why MediRevv

Undisputed results

You’re looking for improved performance and a positive ROI. 

So are we. When we forge toward mutual goals, communicate challenges clearly, and provide visibility to each other at every level, we have nothing to hide and everything to share.

Results from a few current clients:

  • 98.9% net collection rate
  • 14.6% increase in cash collections over 3 years
  • 26.6 days in A/R, average over 12 months

These are real results for real clients. We’re happy to share the engagement parameters and backstory on these kept promises.

Trust is earned. We get it.


Our Story

Our story begins and ends with you

Are you looking for the "founded in CEO Chris Klitgaard's basement in 2007" story? Or would you rather understand why Chris believed we could make revenue cycle everything we do, and do it better?

In just over a decade, we've fixed, enhanced, grown, or stabilized the revenue cycle operations of nearly 100 healthcare organizations across 26 states. In dollars, our responsibility encompasses more than $1 billion in A/R.

What we believe shapes who we are. Simply, we believe in each of you — our partners, our partners' patients, our team members, our communities — and we believe in doing what's right and what is in your best interest.

Our Mindset

The MediRevv mindset is that everything we do is based on the right balance between partners, people and performance.


Your organization is striving for an intentionally-high standard of patient care, yet on the operational and financial fronts, challenges abound — shifting payment models, patient consumerism, regulatory pressure, and more.

We're in this together. Let's meet your revenue cycle goals!


Educated. Compassionate. Patient-centered. MediRevv is chock-full of individuals who think big yet still catch the painstaking details.

Beyond that, it's our open call for authenticity among our team members that leads to thriving relationships, makes work fun, and drives our day to day successes.


Whether it's ROI on an engagement, operational or financial performance metrics, quality assurance or compliance data or a personal dodgeball score (yes, you read right), our intention to perform well against goals hinges on two promises.

Doing what we say we will and doing the right thing.

Client Services Manager

I work with our clients to ensure that the MediRevv family is doing everything we can to achieve best practice standards and drive performance. Since each client has specific needs, it's exciting and inspiring to make a difference for their business, their staff, and their patients.

Patient Experience Representative

I assist patients with payments and answer questions concerning their bills, but most importantly I help them understand why they have a patient responsibility in the first place. The patients I speak with know that I am here to help!

Data Integrity Analyst

I upload the data we receive from our clients, then review it to ensure it is correct and reconcile any discrepancies. We receive a LOT of data! MediRevv acknowledges the hard work that we put in, and I work hard for that very reason.

What can you expect when your patients are at the center of everything we do?

See the high-level, low-down on partnering with MediRevv.

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