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Where revenue cycle and people thrive

Having walked in your shoes, we've been where you are and have gone where you're going. At this moment, we stand together at the intersection of our “why” and your revenue cycle journey.

Outsourcing your revenue cycle
is all about outcomes.

You’re anticipating more cash, improved patient loyalty, undisputed ROI, met and exceeded KPIs, and excellence in financial performance and operational efficiency. It shouldn’t surprise you that we are, too.

Our End-to-End Revenue Cycle Results

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Peace of mind

While we're privileged to partner with many healthcare organizations – including some of the nation’s best hospitals, physician groups, academic medical centers and health systems — the truth is each of them has a unique "right" reason for outsourcing: financial performance, staffing issues, technology gaps, patient retention and so much more.

There is a lot of angst out there to keep a revenue cycle leader up at night. While there isn’t one singular reason, there is one common outcome from partnership with MediRevv: peace of mind.

Actually, it’s how the outcomes are achieved that matters most.

Positive, progressive revenue cycle outcomes are not what make us a standout in our space. It’s the why and how behind those outcomes— our values-driven, engagement-focused, and partner-minded approach.  Here’s the upshot for you:

Culture like no other

Workplace culture is both fundamental and foundational at MediRevv. Timeless and enduring, our values are intrinsic and non-negotiable, and they provide the framework for what makes a MediRevver. Here they are in their simplest form: Grow. Be authentic, even weird. Work hard, play hard. Be kind.

Why should our intentional focus on culture matter to you?

We expect the behavior of our MediRevvers to align with our values. Accordingly, when our MediRevvers are speaking with your patients or payers, we ask them to represent your values. Because they already understand the importance of our own values and are accustomed to living them out, this transition is an easy one to make.



The compassion and understanding that John showed our patients, coupled with efficiently assisting them with the issue at hand, epitomizes the kind of experience we want for our patients. We could not ask for a better demonstration of our top three values: Compassion, Respect and Excellence. John is an exemplary representative of your organization and by extension … ours.
— Chief Financial Officer, Washington-based Regional Health System

Soaring engagement

Say “productivity” or “quality” in a room of revenue cycle leaders and the conversation will turn to slick dashboards, KPIs, training tactics and more. At MediRevv, our high marks in productivity and quality are achieved by first holding high expectations for employee engagement.

Why should you care that MediRevv employees are 87% engaged?

Engaged employees perform better, better performance leads to success, and the anticipation of success engages employees. Further, 87% is nearly double the engagement rate among revenue cycle workers, which actually hovers at 42-47% according to a recent Advisory Board study. 

All told, employee engagement is about building and maintaining the emotional commitment that our employees have to MediRevv.  For us, employee engagement is a top business objective with specific action plans in place—with your performance and patient financial experience in mind. 



Revenue cycle at a regional health system in Nebraska has taken swift, positive turn operationally and financially. In a matter of a few weeks, the business office was restructured to consolidate physician and hospital billing, 65 revenue cycle employees were transitioned to MediRevv, and Cerner went live. The CFO now has visibility to next steps for his organization, but the most striking part of the story is how these outcomes were achieved. Employee engagement climbed 38.9% in the 6 months after the changes were put in place. This evidence of revenue cycle staff taking hold of an opportunity to thrive in a reorganized, energized workplace culture, and the corresponding impact on revenue cycle outcomes is undeniable.

True, two-way partnership

Our partnerships are built on the behaviors that drive our values. Being honest, holding each other accountable, working smart and, dare we say – having fun. Our partners know their revenue cycle, their patient populations, their unique workflows and processes (even their red tape!), and their staffing and technology situations.

With MediRevv onboard, our partners gain insight into issues that they may not have encountered yet or experienced directly. They get our accumulated best-practices, our built-in efficiencies, our decades of industry knowledge—as well as our common sense.

Why would you seek out a partnership like this?

Our seat at the table during strategic revenue-related conversations brings an overall bump in revenue cycle IQ to the rest of the room. Further, all that we learn from our partners – a lot, we promise you – we pour into our next engagement. So, you benefit from nearly 100 prior or current partnerships.



True partnership may be best characterized by our No. 1 "Best in KLAS" ranking in Extended Business Office for 2020, which follows six consecutive years of top-three ratings. Our 2020 KLAS score of 93.4 takes the top spot, but really, the nod goes to our clients—smart, focused revenue cycle leaders with big goals and a shared vision of what it means to be a partner.