To be crystal clear, the people behind the technology at MediRevv are what make it successful.

That said, our revenue cycle technology is pretty cool, too. From our latest and greatest, high-end data center to our proprietary software, MediRevv employs and deploys a variety of technologies every day to fulfill our promises to our clients.

Data and Business Continuity.

Our clients’ data—and the continuity of that data—is of utmost importance to us. Here’s how we protect it:

  • Strategic desktop virtualization. This just means that all data stays within our secured network.
  • Offsite backup capabilities with continual replication. Nothing gets lost. Ever.
  • Redundant power and networking infrastructure to ensure business continuity. Usually being redundant is frowned upon. Not here.
  • Tested and proven disaster recovery strategies. Disasters come in many forms. We’re prepared.
  • Dedicated team of centrally located system engineers. We surround ourselves with other incredibly smart people.
  • Hardened infrastructure based on proven distributed technologies to ensure optimal uptime for applications and services. Because no one—neither MediRevvers nor our clients—want to hear the word “downtime.”
MediRevv revenue cycle management-RCM technology

The Right Tools.

We are constantly testing and embracing new and updated technologies to stay competitive and improve efficiency. When the technology or software doesn’t exist yet to solve the problem at hand — our own or our client’s —our brilliant (and extremely good looking) software developers employ an agile development strategy centered on creating the tools needed to fit our specific needs, no matter how big or small. This way, we provide the right tools to serve our clients with efficiency and help drive bottom-line success.

Check out the technology we have in place to service our Self Pay and Insurance clients. We’re continually improving our armament of tools, always with the goal of maximizing cash for our clients and improving the patient experience.