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MediRevv Acts as Strategic Partner for Sidney Health Center by Resolving Aged A/R

Sidney Health Center is a not-for-profit community-based medical center that has been serving people in the MonDak region of Montana for more than 100 years.

Located in the heart of Richland County, the attractive Eastern Montana campus includes an acute care hospital, clinic area, retail pharmacy, and a 93-bed extended care facility offering a complete range of services from birth through end-of-life, which is complemented by an array of outreach services.


The Challenge

Sidney Health Center was looking to improve after their Epic system conversion, and recognized staffing and resource shortages to handle the aging backlog of A/R. When Sidney Health Center identified they had a higher volume of A/R than internal staff could work, they partnered with us to make a positive movement on the oldest A/R for their Hospital and Physician Billing placements.

The Solution


Work the aged A/R placements and identify workflow opportunities

We set two major goals from the outset with Sidney Health Center:

  1. Move along the A/R and collect as much as possible on the backlog book of business, while liquidating what was uncollectible due to the need to reconcile it and provide this solution on an ongoing basis.
  2. Identify program and workflow opportunities that would help with strategies and collect older A/R before it’s written off for timely filing so SHC could pull some of these functions back in-house.

Ongoing book of business

Shortly after beginning the initial A/R follow up, SHC wanted help with the backlog of insurance aged greater than 90 days and assistance with updating account demographics.

Throughout the engagement, provided flexibility to SHC by working various ages of A/R depending on their needs.


The Results

We received the initial placement of backlogged A/R and worked to aggressively reduce the inventory. The original placements were touched quickly and we liquidated a substantial amount of initial gross placements out of the gate.

Decreased A/R greater than 90 days from date of service to 13% of its original value