Client StorySt. Joseph Heritage Healthcare

Partnership and Update

St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare is the medical foundation partner of St. Joseph Health and includes eight medical groups across California, three of which are located in Northern California. The St. Joseph Health System provides a full range of care facilities including: acute care hospitals, home health agencies, hospice care, outpatient services, skilled nursing facilities, community clinics and physician organizations.

MediRevv first partnered with Heritage several years ago. In late 2017 MediRevv and St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare entered into a groundbreaking partnership that allowed Heritage to benefit from a new non-clinical revenue stream from MediRevv while shaping  best practices for revenue cycle services. This partnership is the result of a healthy, five-year relationship as well as excellent revenue cycle performance.

The Challenge

Back in November of 2013, the coders at Heritage were staffed to handle front end coding volumes but found there wasn’t enough time to work coding-related denials and customer service reviews resulting in a backlog. MediRevv, who had worked ongoing insurance for Heritage as part of a long-standing relationship that began in 2010, had
visibility to the coding bottleneck and willingly stepped in to assist.

Over time, Heritage faced a slew of staffing issues: vacation or personal leave requests, turnover, and the high cost of hiring and training new coders. Simultaneously, they were rapidly acquiring new provider groups, and needed a flexible number of coders trained across multiple specialties.

The Solution

Coders Were Added as Business Need Increased

MediRevv initially provided one full time and one part-time coder to work through denials, task lists, and reviews. Within six months, Heritage recognized that MediRevv could also solve their coder shortage. They requested additional coders as business needs dictated, and on the high end, 13 MediRevv coders partnered up to work coding related functions.

With access to MediRevv’s coders, Heritage was able to add new providers which came with additional responsibilities, never having to worry that a backlog or bottleneck would surface.

Related, Medirevv offered Heritage additional assistance during the ICD-10 conversion. MediRevv staffed a hotline for several weeks for providers to call if they had a question regarding which code to use.

Testimonial What Our Client Said

Jeff Harpster, Vice President, Heritage

Revenue Cycle Services

We found it to be an ongoing challenge to find local, certified coders. It's difficult to supplement your own existing coding staff as there is a scarcity of qualified coders who are competent and flexible. That's where MediRevv came in—resolving our coding-related denial backlog while providing flexibility as our coding needs changed."

The Results

MediRevv follows Heritage’s coding productivity standards. All MediRevv coders require 95% or higher quality assurance, and our coders average 98% quality standards. Heritage has the ability to monitor coding productivity and quality closely using MediRevv’s analytics and technology. Heritage can stay up-to-date with business needs and has contributed to the success of the organization on the whole.

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