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MediRevv Delivers Results with Real Time Staffing

Developing long-lasting partnerships take time, and the six year relationship we’ve built with one of the nation’s top rated Midwestern academic medical groups is a result of transparency, trust, and accountability. Clear-cut client directives paired with our knowledgeable and tenured staff has been the formula for success. Since the first engagement in 2012, we continue to reshape the relationship and dynamically adjust to the changing revenue cycle environment in order to fit our client’s needs.

What our clients are saying
MediRevv has done a tremendous job responding to my concerns with work queue management, as they are nimble and strategic with staffing – continuing to manage to my expectations. They are a trusted partner I can go to again and again to get the job done.

Director of Patient Accounting


The Challenge

Our client manages results in real time with preferences of no more than one or two days of inflow in the work queue. The team discovered a growing number of backlogged insurance claims at day 90 along with a large influx of claims being touched but left in unresolved status. We quickly worked to resolve the backlog and prioritized work queues that needed immediate attention. Unfortunately, the backlog quickly returned; the challenge became identifying why current status could not be kept.


The Solution


Managing in Real Time

Our team made an immediate impact by reviewing historical data, assessing claim inflow and outflow, cross-training staff, and strategically staffing to the work queues that needed immediate attention.

Working together, teams quickly discovered a bottleneck in the process which led to the reoccurring increase of aged claims. By leveraging the functionality of Epic we began managing the work queue by routing logic, volume, and implementing segmented workflows to represent claims that team members could impact.


Strategic Staffing

The biggest impact made came with the daily real-time change management of staff.

In total, 12 of our cross-trained team members quickly responded as needed to surges of claims in the work queue. By adding three team members, two days a week, we decreased work queue volume and kept claim status current.

The Results

By strategically staffing to real-time work queues, we dramatically decreased the number of outstanding claims and decreased the volume by 25% over a four-week period. Staffing on this team has decreased by 50%, resulting in a significant cost savings for the client and increased revenue per full-time employee (FTE), while maintaining work queue expectations and avoiding backlogs.

number of cross-trained team members
team members
(two days per week)
decreased work queue volume over a 4-week period