We’re talking about your patients. And your cash.

Inevitably, the stakes are high, as both are essential to your financial viability and to your reputation for high quality care, which drives patient loyalty and
community perception.

The Challenge

There's no punchline here. We're all face-to-face with the rising cost of care, heightened regulatory pressure, and sky-high deductibles.

The bottom line is that for you and for every other healthcare organization, more revenue must come from direct payments by patients. Simultaneously, the volume and profile of your patients are changing, so maximizing collections on patient pay balances — and doing so in a way that creates a positive, memorable experience — is hard, expensive, and at times stressful work.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The Solution

Let’s accelerate your cash flow while maintaining your patient focus

Chances are your system, processes, and perhaps even your people are inefficient. We can spot the symptoms miles away in the form of too-high days in A/R, sky-rocketing call volumes, and even in your patient statement protocol. You can tackle these common patient pay responsibilities alone, or you can let a trusted partner with over a decade of proven success drive efficiency into your revenue cycle.

We handle:
  • Early out patient pay
  • Patient pay backlog projects
  • Patient pay credit balance resolution
  • Financial assistance program administration
Let’s dive deep (not dabble) in patient pay technologies

You need efficiency and cost control, but not at the expense of making your patient feel like a number. We are continually investing in our patient-centric technology stack — everything from account scrubbing and propensity to pay to mobile payments, payment IVRs and patient payment portals.

We provide you with scale and speed to resolve patient balances and also save you from heavy technology investments and related hassles.

And the benefit to your patients? They pay how and when they want to.

Learn how exactly how integral technology is to our winning self pay strategy.

Testimonial What Our Client Said

Paul Hudson

Chief of Revenue Cycle Operations, Keck Medicine of USC

Implementing payment IVR was the right decision. It boosted our revenue, freed up our staff, and allowed our patients to pay how they wished when it was convenient for them.
Your patients are our patients
With painstakingly detailed performance objectives and a highly educated team of patient experience representatives, we focus on your goals for your patients because we consider them our patients. Our intent with your patients is to build trust and move each account toward resolution. Around the office, we say “great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day” — in this case, every touch point with your patients.
Learn More about our Self Pay Strategy

Director of Patient Financial Services

300+ bed hospital
Compared with other vendors doing the same type of work, we seem to have a better and closer relationship with MediRevv. I think part of the reason is because we give them all of our self pay from day one, and there is an expectation that they are going to represent us in a positive way. And they do so. Their communication and professionalism is great.
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  • The number...
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Self. Pay.

Do these two words together bring a slow, sad shake of the head? After all, it’s January, the deductible-reset month, when patients everywhere begin...

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