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What if outsourcing your revenue cycle led to improved performance and peace of mind?

A story of positive operational, financial, and cultural transformation
While a difficult, system-wide EHR and patient accounting system conversion has unquestionably been the source of a lot of headaches and angst at Regional West Health Services, solid decision-making at the executive level is bringing exciting, positive change in operational efficiency and financial outcomes. But what is attracting the attention of others in the industry is the massive upswing in employee engagement and the positivity that prevails today in an environment that six months ago was one of uncertainty and change.

Regional West at a glance

Regional West Health Services includes Regional West Medical Center, a 188-bed regional referral center and the region’s only tertiary referral medical center, as well as several other care-based entities. Offering comprehensive health care services for the people of western Nebraska and the neighboring states of Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming, Regional West comprises:
medical specialties
physician clinics
approximate providers
approximate employees (and one of the area’s largest employers)

Change was everywhere, and it felt heavy

Regional West made a much-needed decision to move toward a single EHR and patient accounting system throughout the health system, which led to expected and unexpected challenges. Cash pressures were real. Operational processes needed to be revamped. Employees were asked to learn a new, complex system. The wind-down of the legacy system proved to be a competing priority. There was talk of restructuring, which brought uncertainty, leaving many important questions without clear answers.

In this environment, the CFO made two critical decisions. The first was to bring in a consultant to assess revenue cycle. The second was to outsource revenue cycle end-to-end to a reliable, seasoned partner. These were bold moves based on trust and upheld by transparency.

Starting from “now”

With the consultant directing the Cerner transition and MediRevv taking responsibility for revenue cycle functions, Regional West was poised for positive (but still hard) change. In a matter of a few weeks, the business office structure was revamped to consolidate physician and hospital billing, 65 revenue cycle employees were transitioned to MediRevv, and Cerner went live. Everyone took a deep breath.


We quickly deployed resources to wind-down the legacy A/R while the local MediRevv Scottsbluff team focused on learning the new Cerner system. This dedicated focus produced higher than expected collections out of the legacy A/R during the transition.


We provided additional coding resources and oversight. The MediRevv coding team worked through backlogs in the legacy systems while also strengthening the team with Cerner-specific knowledge and expertise.


We enlisted an interim director throughout the transition to specifically focus on Cerner set-up issues, front-end work-flow deficiencies and overall process flow inefficiencies. This focus was key to the Regional West’s CFO gaining visibility to his next steps.


We communicated clearly and honestly with newly transitioned employees. But in reality, there was angst. During the second week of their transition to MediRevv, an employee engagement survey asking them to reflect on their experience with Regional West resulted in a 59.6% engagement score, far short of MediRevv’s 80%+ goal.

Making a “brand new ending”

Understanding “typical” results

Any significant system conversion is expected to lead to reductions in cash collections throughout the initial transition. A recent study concluded most hospitals experience significant disruption to revenue cycle metrics and cash flow, including:

  • Jumps in accounts receivable days
  • Disruption to billing and coding metrics
  • Discharged-not-final-billed (DNFB) days increasing up to 86%
  • Late charges rising by more than 600%

Regional West has been no exception, experiencing impacts more significant than these stated averages. That said, MediRevv’s leadership and laser-focus on business office operations has helped minimize the impact to cash collections during the first several months of the conversion while helping Regional West senior leadership better understand the system set-up and work flow issues that made the Cerner implementation unusually complex.

Emphasizing the power of storytelling

It’s well-documented that corporate storytelling is an effective communication medium for developing stronger engagement with employees and building internal loyalty during periods of uncertainty and change.

The infiltration of the MediRevv Mindset — that everything we do is based on the right balance of partners, people, and performance — and the intentional transparency used to communicate with newly transitioned employees resulted in a remarkable transformation. The recognition goes to the revenue cycle employees who accepted the challenge to embrace change.

Uncovering the engagement story through data

While hospital leaders oversee all areas of the health system with attention to patient care and quality, MediRevv’s focus is on revenue cycle employees. This combined with our one-of-a kind, employee-centric culture, led to significant engagement improvement.

percentSix months after becoming MediRevvers, employees took the same survey they had taken during week 2 of their transition. This time, they answered how they felt about MediRevv’s workplace and culture, and the resulting employee engagement score climbed 38.9 points to 88.5%, surpassing MediRevv’s goal.

What made the change? Visibility and demonstrated care of leadership, open and honest communication through storytelling, listening to employees, and ensuring employees have the resources and tools to do their work. Indeed, the improvement in the latter (resources/tools) is clear confirmation that the decision to move to a new EHR and patient accounting system was the right one.


The Bottom Line

In less than a year, revenue cycle at Regional West has taken a swift, positive turn operationally and financially, giving the CFO visibility to next steps for his organization. Most striking, a 40% climb in employee engagement is evidence of revenue cycle staff taking hold of an opportunity to thrive in a reorganized, energized workplace culture.

If you can relate to aspects of Regional West’s story, exploring end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing with MediRevv is your bold next step.

What our employees say
This transition made me super nervous as I had been employed with the local hospital for 16 years. But all I can say is what a breath of fresh air. The transition has been nothing but positive. MediRevv is a such a wonderful company. The culture with MediRevv is no less than amazing. Everyone is respectful, smiling, relaxed—it’s a feel-at-home type of company. MediRevv shows caring and compassion for all employees, leadership and the community alike. We are on a common ground.

Scottsbluff MediRevver