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My coding staff is short staffed with a backlog

Long-term, or short-term or even within a specialty, staff shortages mean you’re not meeting goals for charges out the door.

The Challenge

High demand for coders means retention is hard

Coders possess a transferable, extremely marketable skill set that is needed to translate clinical documentation into charges. With an increase in patient volume and massive regulatory changes (ICD-10, MACRA and more specifically MIPS, to name a few), it’s a great time to be an experienced medical coder—and it’s significantly more challenging to manage a team of coders.

Managing vacation, disability, maternity or extended leaves can lead quickly to a coding backlog and a heavier workload for the rest of the team. Further, when coders leave, you’re left with nothing to show for all the training and continuing education invested in them along the way.

Bottlenecks and backlogs

An increase in the sheer volume of charts to code—regardless of the reason—can make coding a bottleneck, which attracts unwanted scrutiny. Coding leaders are measuring to their own KPIs, but they are also subject to administrators’ expectations for timely charge submission and for keeping accounts receivable below a certain threshold.

A coding backlog has downstream ramifications, regardless of whether it grew as the result of a positive decision (expansion by acquisition, for example), or something quite opposite—a hike in the volume of patients, staffing shortages, poor coder performance due to lack of training, or inefficiencies farther upstream in the revenue cycle beyond the influence of coding leaders.


The Solution

Let’s staff your gaps with rock-star coders

Wherever there are gaps on your team, we can fill them. Any specialty, any task, any time. Full scale, or only the functions you need at the moment—production coding, coding-related denials or edits, auditing for compliance, even education.

Our coders are actually your coders. In fact, we call them rock star coders. We emulate your practices, protocols, workflows—even your culture. Each holds certification through AAPC and/or AHIMA and is ICD-10-trained and many are HCC-conversant.

MediRevv coders bring decades of combined experience in nearly every specialty, and are continually growing and learning with both internal and external continuing education initiatives.

Let’s blast through your backlog

Big backlogs require concerted, focused effort. While the major effort will always be to dig in and simply do the work—code accurately and proficiently—resolving the cause of the backlog is equally important to prevent it from recurring. We do both simultaneously.