Medical Coding drives your revenue cycle.

Escalating hiring and training costs, low retention rates and the costs and pressures of ICD-10 implementation are all primary reasons you might struggle to maintain consistently accurate medical coding.

Meanwhile, rising coding-related denials, low clean claim rates, a backlog of items waiting for coding and high charge edits and/or staffing issues are all symptoms indicating that it is time for a thorough analysis. It’s time to take a look at your medical coding strengths and weaknesses, documentation, billing, and reimbursement practices to identify areas for optimized reimbursement and increased productivity.

Our professional coding solutions include:

We roll up our sleeves and code for you. Limited resources? Large backlog? Let us handle it.

Discovery, research, analysis and rectification—even charge entry/charge correction.

Our MediRevv coders.

All of our coders hold certifications through AAPC and/or AHIMA, with decades of combined experience coding various specialties. We offer excellent turnaround time, painstaking attention to detail and an understanding of the extremely important role that coding plays in your revenue cycle.

Your coding priorities.

With this level of flexibility, MediRevv coders adapt to virtually any priority or procedure within your organization, always with an eye to your revenue cycle health. As our current clients will tell you, we are relentless at resolving any lingering denied or underpaid claims.