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resolution is rarely straightforward.

Backlogs and denials are all too commonplace for healthcare providers large and small. No doubt, ICD-10 exacerbates both, and with the sheer volume of patients carrying some form of insurance on the rise, the expertise and attention to detail required to keep up is more important than ever.

We know insurance like the back of our hand.

Our specialists are truly that—highly trained specialists in claims and denials management. We’ve helped countless providers just like you to free up their accounting staff to focus on higher percentage collectibles while we put our insurance experience to work making sure your collections are maximized and your internal resources optimized.

MediRevv offers:

  • Ongoing insurance resolution
  • Defined insurance resolution projects (by age date or payer)
  • Denials management solutions

MyQ removes the guesswork.

The engine that powers MediRevv’s insurance collection solution is a proprietary application called myQ, which is designed to prioritize and stratify claim follow-up activity across all payer types. myQ captures real-time productivity tracking, robust reporting and root cause denial trending, delivering the ability to easily prioritize and resolve accounts, without the need to self-manage the backlog.

Best of all, the activity performed in myQ can be easily exported and uploaded to your host system or systems.

How we know we've done it right.

At the beginning of each engagement, working closely with you, we create a set of appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) by which we measure our performance. Our approach to everything we do is unique in healthcare, and it’s representative of our commitment to you and our complete ownership of the results we deliver.