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Insurance A/R

Shifting payer guidelines, rampant regulatory changes, bundle payments ... who's keeping up? We are.  And we’re doing so for you. Your payer mix, staffing issues, denial rates, revenue cycle KPIs, COVID-19 — whatever is keeping you up at night — it’s all familiar and navigable for us. More than simply “having your back,” when it comes to running your back office, we resolve, improve, and deliver revenue results you’ll see at your bottom line.

The challenge?

The sheer volume of patients carrying some form of insurance is on the rise,  as multiple and varied plans are available. Meanwhile, regulatory shifts are breeding uncertainty, payers are continually changing their guidelines, and COVID-19 has brought confusion to already complex workflows.  In this environment, the strategy you set for insurance A/R follow-up must be nimble and dynamic, as it is more essential to your revenue stream than ever before.

What’s your impending insurance A/R follow-up need?

  • COVID-19 and telehealth claims processing
  • Ongoing insurance resolution
  • Insurance resolution projects defined by age or payer
  • Denials management and prevention

How we can help


Let's get your COVID-19 and telehealth claims moving

This feels like uncharted territory, doesn't it? If you submitted claims early, you may be facing denials. If you're holding claims until your payers are ready, there's uncertainty in timing, reimbursement, patient liability, and so much more.

What steps can you take while you wait to submit? How can you put your EHR to work? How can you keep track of frequent changes in payer guidelines? What communication should go to your patients to ensure the most positive patient experience possible amid a pandemic?

Let's get these questions answered for your unique situation — your payers, your patients, your financial performance.

Let’s get your claims paid right

You may be singularly focused on your bottom line. Maybe you're beyond-frustrated with a payer or always short-staffed. Or maybe you're working hard to identify where you can gain greater efficiency and cost control.

The processes, people and performance we bring to your insurance A/R follow-up will both scale and speed your claims resolution, sparing you from heavy tech investments, supplementing your staff, and delivering additional benefits that stretch far past your total revenue.

Let’s do more than manage denials – let’s prevent them

Denials are inevitable. Yet with the right combination of technology and work prioritization, identifying trends and truly mastering the capabilities of your patient accounting system, your clean claim rate can meet best practice standards.


Let's optimize your internal resources while we maximize your revenue performance

Your staff will be free to focus on other revenue cycle imperatives when our revenue cycle representatives (who already know your system, really!) work your accounts.

Our team members understand the revenue cycle both upstream and downstream from their daily work. Combining their knowledge with the tools and automation we put at their fingertips — from prioritizing claim follow up across all your payers, to identifying claim status, to reporting root cause denial trends and more — they take pride in the many ways they bring efficiency and progression to your business office.