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High Client Engagement leads to Record Cash Collections with MediRevv

Client leadership set goals to work with a partner who could offer robust and secure technologies for their patient pay program and increase workflow efficiencies. MediRevv partnered with the client to take a collaborative approach to patient pay and increase cash collection by offering more payment options through our platform, including mobile payments and secure online payment portal. Another challenge faced is converting registration at each clinic to a new patient accounting system, which is an ongoing process.

This health system, located in the Pacific Northwest, includes a 300-plus medical center and 
four medical specialty buildings. With over 3000 employees and 1000 physicians, this comprehensive two-hospital health system is the largest in its area.

medical centers
medical specialty buildings

The Solution

Both organizations hold the patient experience and partner mindset at the forefront of every project. The transparent, communicative approach from the beginning of the engagement was a vital piece to create a successful engagement. Our client understood the importance of providing precise and accurate data during the sales process, and because of aggressive goals to offer the new technologies, the implementation timeline was on an accelerated schedule. Both organizations pushed resources to meet deadlines; through mutual accountability and clear expectation setting the process went very well.


Partner training and Go-live Command Center

Part of the implementation process included holding group sessions to crosswalk workflows and MediRevv involved resources such as Quality Assurance Analysts and the Implementation team along with client leadership in joint sessions. Frequent calls were held during the ramp up, and because of the close involvement implementation analysts were able to quickly make changes for any workflow deviations that were necessary.

A specialty team comprised of operations supervisors, team leads, client service managers, implementation analysts and business solutions group members were stationed in a command center during the go-live offering real time support to our patient experience representatives as they began talking to their patients.

First-hand communication with representation from each department involved created an incredibly efficient resolution process to triage and assess issues as they arose. For a two-week period MediRevv and partner leadership held a daily touch base call to discuss critical needs, answer questions, adjust workflows, and account for any blind spots in the training process.

The Results

From the outset, the goal to increase efficiency and the patient experience began to improve as MediRevv took on the initial placements of all hospital and physician patient pay accounts to provide exceptional customer service to each patient while meeting financial goals. Keeping it simple for the patients and providing technological options for payment, while being able to reach educated and knowledgeable representatives insured a large increase in patient payments and allowing a seamless customer service transition.

The client understood the time-commitment and importance of a thorough implementation and training process. We were transparent with each other and held each other accountable and the results followed.

Call Statistics for first month the engagement was live:
Average number of total Patient Calls
Average Wait Time
Abandonment Rate
The first three months

MediRevv went live in March, hit above target in April, and in May the patient payment goal was exceeded by over $500,000. We also maintained a low average wait time and abandonment rate from the start. We were able to achieve these results from the outset due to the hard work and planning during the implementation phase and with a strong and committed client.