Often times, it pays to have a full-on partner.

The full gamut of revenue cycle management—from patient registration to account resolution—can be a daunting task. You’re up against a tight labor market and a difficult commercial and government payer market. So, what options do you have when the resources and expertise available to you are simply not enough to maximize your cash collections?

One word: partner. Not just any partner, but a proven, been-in-your-shoes partner who truly understand your organization’s needs, processes, systems, goals and more.

When MediRevv steps in as a full business office outsourcing partner, we coordinate all aspects of your revenue cycle. Our experienced team and proven methodology completely fill the gap, delivering cash collection results that consistently go beyond our clients’ expectations.

Full business outsourcing typically includes the following services.

If you have a need not identified here, please reach out. It’s likely that that your challenge also falls within the scope of our expertise.