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End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Your “right” reason for bringing in a trusted partner is unique to you. While you may be seeking improved financial performance first and foremost, outsourcing your revenue cycle also solves staffing issues and integrates otherwise out-of-reach technology to automate processes and drive efficiency. So while there isn’t one “right” reason, there is one common outcome: peace of mind.

Why outsource?

You’ve got a lot at stake. Getting paid properly—and faster—for the care you compassionately provide is top of mind, but the rise in patient consumerism and simultaneous shift to value based care have taken your focus wider, beyond the back office.

With your strategy now spanning patient access through proper reimbursement and the hundreds of steps in between, your goals to minimize complexity, eliminate administrative burden, and automate processes without sacrificing patient touch or financial performance may feel like a stretch. And on top of all that, your staff, workflows, and technologies either help or hinder those stretch goals.

Outsourcing your revenue cycle isn’t throwing up a white flag. It’s actually your first big step toward gaining control and regaining your clinical focus.

How we can help

Revenue cycle IQ increases exponentially

Revenue cycle management is all we do. That means we have knowledge and field experience from a wide spectrum of organization types, project types, and geographic regions, and can offer insights to issues that you may not have seen or experienced. We’re constantly applying what we know to improve your operational and financial performance, and we fully expect to learn from you along the way, too.

Move toward attaining best-practice standards

Our revenue cycle leaders once sat in your seat, which means we inherently recognize and understand your goals and the challenges you face in meeting them. Our commitment to industry-standard KPIs and best-practices together lay the foundation for your high performance. And then we simply do the hard work, as we promised we'd do. 

Get relief for your staffing issues

Outsourcing alleviates the stress of hiring and retaining qualified staff. Rebadging your existing staff is often a great choice, as it creates big wins for you and your employees.

There are countless options for managing staff — we’ll walk you through them.


Benefit from our technology investments

Until now, technologies have probably been cost-prohibitive for you, yet much of our efficiency and performance comes at the hand of automation.

From account management and scrubbing, to propensity to pay, interactive voice recording (IVR), speech analytics, payment portals, heat-mapping statement software and far beyond, the technologies we bring to your engagement will inevitably boost your operational performance.