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Denials happen. Period. Even to the best of Medical coders.

But when they happen with increasing frequency they disrupt your revenue stream. MediRevv can help you develop a strategy for minimizing coding-related denials.

Backlogs resulting from denials are different from backlogs caused by too many accounts and not enough staff. The former can be finicky and time-consuming to resolve, which is where MediRevv’s certified coding experts come in. Our vast experience in medical billing and coding means we see the grand scheme before diving in to fix the smaller issues.

Our coding denials management methodology starts while we’re coding or resolving denials.

  • By discovering, researching, analyzing and rectifying coding errors, we can actually help you develop new ways to code “right” the first time.
  • We help ensure you’re using technology to its fullest potential and identify trends in denials so that the root cause of an issue can be resolved—regardless of where it originates (front end, coding department, patient accounting office, etc.).
  • In doing so, we maximize your revenue stream.

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