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Our Culture

It’s how we get work done around here, and have fun doing it. It’s people over business. It’s performance over ping pong tables. It’s for us, and also for our partners. Our culture is a collection of every MediRevver’s “why.”

Values drive culture

Our values are our why. They shape who we are and serve as our intrinsic drivers, our guiding principles. They are woven throughout every employee’s experience.



Change is everywhere. We believe it leads to growth and keeps us both nimble and relevant. We sit at the table with every client, business partner, employee to listen first, then move quickly to solve, resolve, and wow. We bring our best to nurture intellectual, financial, cultural, and personal growth.

Be Authentic, Even Weird

Being different is encouraged, celebrated, and even sought out. Regardless of how our paths cross, we look past what others see so that we can get to know the real, true, bona fide you. This conscious decision to be inclusive leads us to find common ground on which we can connect. We’re not afraid to show our vulnerability, and we don’t want you to hide yours.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We hold the immense privilege of “working hard at work worth doing.” We do what we say we will to drive results and make money so that we can invest in everything great that lies ahead. It is our intentional practice to balance all of our grit, determination, and drive with our own crazy version of fun.

Be Kind

We leave situations better than we found them by demonstrating profound respect and kindness at every turn—to our partners and their patients, our communities, each other, and ourselves.


What does MediRevv’s culture mean to me today?

“Forward-thinking, modern, fun, and unique are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about MediRevv. This company encourages us to be the very best versions of ourselves.”

Heidi B.
MediRevver since 2017

“It’s an organization that respects and accommodates each individual personality, and they show gratitude. A company that is family-oriented, with a supportive environment.”

Gerald L.
MediRevver since 2018

“MediRevvers are a diverse and remarkable force! Our unique differences and interests are shared and celebrated by our colleagues.”

Jamie C.
MediRevver since 2014

“Culture means authenticity and working hard as a team.”

Cinthia Z.
MediRevver since 2019

“MediRevv’s culture means balance. To work for a company that recognizes how important it is to work hard, play hard is refreshing coming from several companies where it was all work and no play.”

Dana N.
MediRevver since 2019

"MediRevv is designed to welcome, empower, and embrace not only their own staff, but their surrounding communities. The culture here is to encourage you to break your own walls down, and let your inner freak-flag fly. Through our collective quirkiness, we are able to be as creative, innovative, and forward-thinking as we want to be, while maintaining an invaluable teamwork environment."

Stephen F.
MediRevver since 2019

"Growing up, I was always told I was weird—and I used to think it was a bad thing. Here at MediRevv, the culture has made me realize it’s a good thing. It’s not just a job, it’s a career, and it’s a place where you can be yourself. At MediRevv, we have great leaders that push you to be your best. It’s also a place where hard work is appreciated. It’s where I can simply be me!"

Rosie O.
MediRevver since 2020

Culture drives performance

While we have collected our share of “best place to work” awards, our best accolade is our employee engagement score of 87%, which is the measure of how well we’re creating a workplace where our people can do their best work, delivering revenue cycle excellence to our partners.


MediRevver Spotlights

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Our WFH Culture

We are a campus-less organization with employees spanning 47 states. We’re 93% remote, and our post-pandemic workplace will be shaped by—you guessed it—our people, who are prioritizing performance for our partners.

MediRevver Map

How do we make people and revenue cycle thrive?

Do great work. Live our values.

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Interested in how MediRevv came to be, who we are and what we stand for—including how we’ve grown since 2007?

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