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Revenue Cycle Resources

Today our singular goal is to provide transparency, clarity, and relevancy by sharing information, insights, best practices, and answers that will help you address the impact of COVID-19 to your organization’s revenue cycle performance.

We stand with you.

First and foremost, we appreciate and applaud the tireless effort of your front-line caregivers, your behind-the-scenes staff, and your leadership teams for your extraordinary care of your patients during this extraordinary time. 

In navigating the impact of COVID-19 on  your revenue cycle, you may have heard or even said out loud, “We’ll figure out how to bill it later."  In truth,  data is coming in fast and furiously, from all directions, and it changes daily … sometimes hourly. We’re committed to finding and sharing the distilled version, the specific details, the how-to, and, as often as we can, the why.

COVID-19 Revenue Cycle Resources


FAQ: Telehealth and Delivering Virtual Services

Whether you're new to or well-seasoned in telehealth and virtual services, this FAQ gives you answers.  We are continually editing and adding, so check back frequently for the latest updates.

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payer matrix

Payer Matrix Template: Track COVID-19 Payer Guidelines

Keep all your payers and all their (ever-changing) COVID-19 guidelines in one place and organized. This template will prove to be a key reference document and communication tool among your teams. Start with the How To tab ... 

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COVID-19 Coding Guidance

We've done a little legwork and compiled guidance for coding healthcare encounters and deaths related to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), previously named 2019-nCoV.

MediRevv COVID-19 Coding Guidance >>
COVID-19 ICD-10-CM Code List >>
AMA COVID-19 Coding Guidelines >>
AMA CPT Assistant (April 2020) >>
AMA CPT Assistant (March 2020) >>

patient experience

COVID-19 Patient Experience Considerations

One impact COVID-19 is having on many patients is their ability to pay outstanding balances, and we're seeing an increase in COVID-19 related questions overall.

Here are several considerations for managing your patient-pay A/R and prioritizing a positive patient financial experience. 

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patient share-of-cost

Matrix Template: Track COVID-19 Patient Share-of-Cost

This matrix makes simpler to track patient share-of-cost for your specific payers. When you put this vital information in the hands of your patient representatives (front-end and back-end), they can accurately address patients inquiring about their share-of-cost (SOC) for COVID-19 care. While this matrix makes life easier for your staff, it also serves as a solid step forward in creating a compassionate patient financial experience by answering patient questions quickly, with confidence.  

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