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Revenue Cycle Consulting

Sometimes you know precisely what the issue is with your revenue cycle and you need someone to step in to resolve it. Other times, your situation is far from clear cut, and your true need is a deep dive, a fresh perspective, extra brain power and a burst of creativity. In either instance, opening the door to consulting brings vision and experience into the mix, like having a co-pilot for your revenue cycle.

Pressure to perform

Whether you’re worried about keeping the doors open, or you’re pondering how to manage unprecedented organizational growth, or (most likely) you’re somewhere in between, there is pressure. Pressure to perform financially, to be lean and efficient operationally, to rock the patient financial experience but at the same time address shrinking margins and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Sometimes on top of all that, there's a curveball — a tempestuous system conversion, a gaping hole in leadership, a merger or acquisition, or whatever you’re facing today. Suddenly acheiving “best practice” seems light-years away, and your current roadmap no longer addresses your most urgent needs.

Take pause. Consider consulting and, as a side note, set aside the commonly held belief that consulting slows everything down.

How we can help

Assess to address

Revenue cycle management is all we do. That means the full strength of our knowledge and experience is focused on your specific issues. Assessment includes:
  • Analyzing your current state by looking closely at structure, operations, and performance
  • Recommending and prioritizing action steps to improve your cycle, like organizational structure changes or enhancements to technologies
  • Identifying and quantifying your financial opportunity from revenue cycle improvements

And the outcomes are more than enlightening. They are tested and proven in situations similar to yours.

Put feet on the ground

Our revenue cycle leaders once sat in your seat.

That means it's natural for us to take a seat in your revenue cycle leadership when you are faced with a vacancy or you need to supplement your existing team.

Interim revenue cycle management means we place proven revenue cycle experts as "feet on the ground" in leadership positions. We might fill a recently vacated role, or we might create a new or hybrid role based on your needs. Typically, interim leaders fill roles like director of revenue cycle or patient accounts, or front-end revenue cycle or patient access manager and they stay for 6-12 months.

Our interim leaders are there to drive your revenue cycle forward and give you peace of mind.