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I’m concerned about coding compliance but not sure where to start

A coding compliance audit is an imperative step toward continuous improvement of your coding operations.

The Challenge

The government takes coding compliance seriously. So should you.

Amid regulatory and code (CPT, ICD, HCPS) changes, your coding division is probably “keeping up,” but you’re keeping close watch:

  • Coding-related denials are up, and we’re looking for the reason(s) why.
  • I’m not confident we’re coding to the highest level of specificity
  • Modifiers are tricky. How can I be sure my coders are using the right ones?
  • We’ve acquired a new practice, and we aren’t sure we’re on the same page regarding coding

The Solution

Let’s audit for peace of mind

Focused on ensuring coding compliance? Let MediRevv do a coding compliance audit, remotely, to accurately capture all that’s going right and provide visibility to areas for improvement.

We’ll examine a specific number of charts per healthcare provider to confirm:

  • Accuracy and appropriateness of the type of services provided
  • Selected level of service is supported by the provider’s documentation
  • ICD-10 code(s) selected are correct, sequentially accurate and appropriately linked to the proper CPT codes
  • Modifiers are attached and appropriate, when necessary

You will receive individual reports per provider outlining the accuracy rate and details on incorrectly coded records as well as a summary report of findings across your coding operations including comparisons with CMS coding distribution by specialty.


Then, let’s educate for best practice

Close inspection of your coding processes should never hold a negative connotation. On the contrary, a coding compliance audit is an imperative step toward continuous improvement of your coding operations, which will positively impact your revenue cycle performance.

Education may take different forms, depending on the audit findings:

  • Baseline education covers coding basics, including levels of service, modifiers usage and more
  • Specialty-specific addresses particular nuances or common coding scenarios in any given specialty
  • Audit-specific is unique to each provider based on the results of the completed audit