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MediRevv Expands Scope of Services for UnityPoint Health Through Coding Audits For Compliance & Education

UnityPoint Health is one of the nation’s most integrated health systems. Their physician-led team of professionals communicates clearly and effectively to address a patient’s health care in the most appropriate setting: whether that is a clinic, a hospital or at home. Through relationships with more than 280 physician clinics, 37 hospitals in metropolitan and rural communities and home care services throughout its 9 regions, UnityPoint Health provides care throughout Iowa, western Illinois and southern Wisconsin. UnityPoint Health entities employ more than 30,000 employees, working toward innovative advancements to deliver the Best Outcome for Every Patient Every Time. With projected annual revenues of $3.7 billion, UnityPoint Health is the nation’s 13th largest nonprofit health system and the fourth largest non denominational health system in America.


Why the Partnership?

UnityPoint Health, UnityPoint Clinic and UnityPoint at Home provide a full range of coordinated care to patients and families. MediRevv partners with UnityPoint Health in the Eastern and Southeast Iowa regions to perform coding audits for compliance, provider education and pre-merger evaluations. UnityPoint is a quickly growing organization and procured MediRevv to assist with internal audits for compliance and education to increase their breadth and depth in ability to audit their many physicians in a timely fashion.

The Challenge

With technological advancements in EMRs the responsibilities for front end medical coding have shifted over the past few years. Many providers are now selecting codes with the assistance of templates in the EMR’s.The majority of the time this new process creates efficiencies, but physicians are not certified medical coders and therefore do not have the specific expertise of knowing the myriad of complex coding guidelines to follow. MediRevv audits charts for physicians to provide education and increase first pass cleans claims rates. And, just to be clear, the government takes coding accuracy and compliance seriously and monitors claims to protect public health funds.


The Solution


Audit for Compliance

MediRevv audited 644 charts, covered 4 regions which included 9 specialities. MediRevv examined 10 charts per physician or qualified healthcare professional — that is, anyone who bills for services. Within the 10 charts, the following was confirmed:

  • Accuracy and appropriateness of the type of services provided
  • Selected level of service is supported by the provider’s documentation
  • ICD-10 code(s) selected are correct, sequentially accurate and appropriately linked to the proper CPT codes

Audit for Education

Each provider received an individual report outlining accuracy rate and detailed information of incorrectly coded records. Coding leaders were provided with a summary report of finding across the organization.


The Results

When performed with the right intention, style and frequency, medical coding compliance audits provide crucial feedback and provide direction to enhance both coding operations and revenue cycle performance.

After completing the audit and giving individual feedback to physicians and healthcare providers, along with overall feedback to leaders on the health of the coding program, MediRevv was referred to complete audits on many UnityPoint locations throughout Eastern and Southeast Iowa. These included new potential clinics looking to be acquired by the UnityPoint umbrella — MediRevv completes pre-merger audits to establish a baseline for new clinics.

The four categories of results that MediRevv Audited for 
UnityPoint included:

Evaluation & Management (E/M) Services

Evaluated for overcoding, undercoding and wrong service type.


Evaluated for coded—not supported, supported—not coded, and wrong code.


Evaluated for correct and incorrect modifiers used.


Evaluated for correct or incorrect diagnosis findings.

Our Recommendations

These included providing ongoing ICD-10-CM education and performing focused ICD-10-CM audits. Also, we review the internal compliance plan to ensure ongoing internal/external audits occur at regular frequency intervals (i.e. monthly, quarterly.) Since this audit was completed in April of 2018, MediRevv has completed several more audits for UnityPoint and referring organizations because of the trust and value we have with UnityPoint Health.