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We aim to sit at the table with our partners to listen first, then move quickly and creatively to solve, resolve and wow. Since 2007, we’ve managed billions of dollars in revenue for nearly a hundred hospitals, health systems, academic medical systems and large physician groups across the nation.

Our Clients

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Director Level Position

on Tools & Methodology

MediRevv has a desire to be a partner and not just generate more revenue to their bottom line. They do that by constantly asking questions and talking with us to understand what we need them to do. They do have strategic expertise. They are very willing to be at the table with us to talk about strategy.


on Project Results

We met our goal for A/R days at the end of our fiscal year, and we are making good progress on our next goal.
We made huge improvements to our A/R days last year.

VP/Other Executive

on Project Results

Medicaid has expanded, and a lot of higher deductibles are coming into play. MediRevv has guided us through that transition very well; we have had a very good experience with them. We hit all of our targets and didn't miss any of our go-live dates. I think MediRevv has a great staff.


on Tools & Methodology

MediRevv’s IT department is absolutely unbelievable, and they have very good tools to handle high-volume accounts efficiently.

Director Level Position

on Partner Relationships

MediRevv is very aware of where we are trying to get in terms of our key performance indicators, and they are partnering with us to get there. We respect one another, and we respect our patients and our customers. We manage by respecting one another and promoting good, quality work. MediRevv has very much the same culture that we do.


on People & Knowledge

MediRevv has a really good team that is very organized. They have an implementation process that is very thorough, and they understand very well what the customer needs for collections and account follow-up. Their biggest strength is their attention to detail. They don't let anything go unaddressed; they always follow up on everything they say they will take care of. They have very well-refined and definite processes, and they excel in the work that they do.

Implementing payment IVR was the right decision. It boosted our revenue, freed up our staff, and allowed our patients to pay how they wished when it was convenient for them.

Paul Hudson

Chief of Revenue Cycle Operations, Keck Medicine of USC
There are two factors driving the success of this particular revenue cycle project at NGHS with MediRevv: the customer piece has been very strong, and they’ve done an excellent job collecting for us.

Elyse Gates

VP, Revenue Cycle at Northeast Georgia Health System