Keck Medicine of USC tells self pay success story

shutterstock_21699262“Patients’ mailboxes were overflowing with USC Care letterhead.”

COO Dana Habers is frank about the self pay challenges USC Care Medical Group faced, as well as what led her to decision to seek an extended business office partner. With 17 different clinical departments, each billing office had their own distinct patient statements, customer service numbers and payment plans.

“It was a difficult and daunting environment to be a patient with balances due back in 2012 and prior. Not that our organization hadn’t recognized the issues, but we didn’t have the resources and prioritization to build out solutions – yet. In the moment, it was pretty hectic for our patients. We did what we could through policy, but the need was there, and we knew we wanted to focus on the patient first.”

Last week, Habers joined our webinar, Improving Self Pay Cash Results, to describe the transformation she has driven, with the help of MediRevv, in the self pay category of her revenue cycle at USC Care Medical Group, the faculty practice for Keck Medicine of USC.

A parallel presentation by our very own Melissa Huston, Senior Manager of Client Services and Implementations here at MediRevv, took viewers a step back for a broader view of self pay’s challenging environment. Here are a few points that may ring true for organizations who are “doing what they can,” like USC was.

Signs of insufficient self pay focus:

• Patient experience isn’t the main focus in the revenue cycle
• Poor KPI management
• Incorrect staffing in place for self pay collections
• Patient finance office is understaffed
• Lack of patient contact technology

MediRevv identified several of these with USC, then customized an RC solution to provide day one self pay placement engagement in which MediRevv handles everything from statement production and outbound calls to resolution of self pay credit balances, and even verification and addition of new insurance identified post-statement. The results have been impressive and are detailed in our USC case study below.

View this webinar, Improving Self Pay Cash Results, on-demand. It accurately captures the essence of MediRevv client partnerships: working together to set goals and solve RC problems, all the while staying patient-centered.

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