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Thought Leadership

Healthcare revenue cycle management does not have to be difficult—whether it is patient pay, insurance, coding or end-to-end—outsource your RCM and see your bottom line improve.

Patient Pay Early Out

[Slide Share]: There's no GPS to help your patients on their financial journey through healthcare

Imagine if your patients were armed with all the tools and resources they needed to make informed decisions on their healthcare choices and billing options.

Patient Pay Early Out

To Everything There is a Season—How to Minimize the Negative Effects of Seasonality on Your Patient Pay Cycle

“To everything there is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)” as folk rock band, The Byrds, sang in the late 1950s—and it still holds true today. When applied to modern

Patient Pay Early Out

Convenience and Automation: Improve the Patient Experience with Automatic Payments

Everyone has a story about trying to register to pay a bill on a archaic and complicated website or waiting on hold for what seems like days only to speak to

Patient Pay Early Out

Are You Feeling the Heat to Increase Revenue in Patient Pay?

The key takeaways from Kaufman Hall’s annual 2018 State of Consumerism in Healthcare report are that healthcare executives are investing in consumer

Patient Pay Early Out

Why Patient Communication Channels Matter for Patient Pay Early Out

As you are no doubt aware, the healthcare industry is changing rapidly. 10 years ago,  the majority of healthcare payments in hospitals came from insurance

Patient Pay Early Out

Prompt Pay Discounts: A Win-Win for Your Patients and Your Organization

Is one dollar today better than one dollar 120 days from now? We think so. Actually, we know so, because each day that a patient account lives on in A/R the

Patient Pay Early Out

How Speech Analytics Technology Enhances the Patient Financial Experience

According to the findings reported in the Kaufman Hall 2017 State of Consumerism survey, many healthcare organizations have missed the mark on delivering a

Patient Pay Early Out

High Deductible Health Plans: A Reality for Patient and Revenue Cycle Leaders

 [*This blog post was originally published December 6, 2016 and it has been updated and republished since.] High deductible health plans (HDHP) are a curious

Patient Pay Early Out

Patient-Friendly Statements: Quick and Easy Components to Increase Patient Payments

Patients first. We agree there is no better way to operate a healthcare organization. May we ask, then, what happens when patients pass under your exit sign

Insurance A/R Follow Up

Quick Check: Are You Getting the Most Revenue From Your A/R?

Is your healthcare organization getting the most revenue possible out of your insurance A/R?  It's a loaded question,  we know, but it's a vital one to ask.

Patient Pay Early Out

4 Ways to Boost Self Pay Cash by Using Technology

Technology – we rely on it 24/7 in our personal lives, but how often are you utilizing it in your revenue management cycles? Are you missing out on

Patient Pay Early Out

A Reason to Celebrate: Promote Payment IVR Technology to Increase Revenue

Your patients asked for it. You listened and took action. Now what? Adding convenient payment technology solutions to your self pay arsenal like inbound
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