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Thought Leadership

Healthcare revenue cycle management does not have to be difficult—whether it is patient pay, insurance, coding or end-to-end—outsource your RCM and see your bottom line improve.

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How to Handle Your Legacy A/R for System Conversions

A checklist to avoid shortfalls with your legacy A/R before you start your system conversion 

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5 Tips for a Successful System Conversion

Patient accounting system conversions can be complex, confusing, and costly, even when they're done "right."  The truth is that even the simplest conversion

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Stop, Look and Listen: What Story Does Your Aged A/R Tell You?

Aging claims may not have been touched for a long time, but why? Sssh, listen. Do you hear that? Your aged A/R is trying to tell you something. Almost every

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Navigating A Complex Revenue Cycle System Conversion

RCM system conversions can be extraordinarily complex—even if an organization is simply upgrading its current system and not in need of a complete legacy

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Patient Accounting System Conversion Results in Revenue Cycle Disruption at Hospitals, Data Shows

Hot off the press, a new report highlights a deep struggle many hospitals and health systems are experiencing this very moment: the disruption in revenue cycle

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High Deductible Health Plans and Your Revenue Cycle

It’s January, the deductible-reset month. The month when many insured patients begin paying out-of-pocket again on their way to meeting their deductibles for
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