The Patient Consumer: Still Top of Mind for Healthcare Execs, Part 2

shutterstock_178714586Recently, we reintroduced a previous blog series entitled, Putting Your Patients at the Center of Your Self Pay Strategy. This popular three-part series examined the reasons for, and benefits of, developing a winningcollections game plan with the patient consumer at the center.

We’ve talked at length about this phenomenon of the patient as consumer in a host of content pieces over the last year or so and, as we discussed last time, the theme has become increasingly prevalent in the media today as well. In fact, H&HN (Hospitals & Health Networks) magazine recently launched its own three-part series on the subject, entitled “Consumerism Hits Health Care.”

The article takes a look at health systems that are making significant changes to the way they deliver care based on the notion that patients have become consumers—consumers with expectations for more convenient services.

The author quoted David Pate, M.D., president and CEO of Idaho-based St. Luke’s Health System, who offered this: “For all too long, we have made decisions about our services as to what’s most convenient for our physicians and other caregivers…consumers are now starting to tell us that they need to be considered.”

The article also references Memorial Hermann Medical Group, which has been “making a major pivot toward consumers” by reevaluating all aspects of how the organization interacts with the patients who want to use its services. “The new front door,” says Memorial Hermann CEO, David James, M.D., “is through consumer-driven health and nontraditional relationships.”

If you don’t have a printed copy of the magazine issue, you can find an online version of the article here. We think you’ll enjoy it.

We’ll also think you’ll enjoy Part 2 of our aforementioned MediRevv blog series, Putting Your Patients at the Center of Your Self Pay Strategy.

If you missed Part 1 of our series, catch it here.


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