The Patient Consumer: Still Top of Mind for Healthcare Execs

shutterstock_172982561At MediRevv, we’ve been focused on the idea of patients as consumers—and the need for a solid patient-collection strategy—for quite some time. In blogs, tip sheets, white papers and more, this is a reality we’ve been at the forefront of evaluating and strategizing around for our clients.

Of late, we’ve seen more and more industry focus on the “patient as consumer” reality, most recently in a terrific article from It begins with a look at the importance of patient satisfaction, and how the measure of that metric in surveys such as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems “has a significant impact on a hospital’s reputation in the community, as well as its bottom line.”

Importantly, the article notes that “the patient’s care experience comprises 30 percent of a hospital’s overall performance score in the survey” and is tied, perhaps not surprisingly, to the provider’s reimbursements. While the criteria for gauging patient satisfaction in the survey are obvious things like “communication with nurses and physicians, staff responsiveness, pain control and the hospital environment,” what is missing, the author points out, is the financial experience of the patient.

The article goes on to outline how patients now view the financial part of their experience as part of their “care.” As you might know if you’ve been to our website, that notion is at the heart of our philosophy and approach to patient collections and is clearly evidenced by our tagline, “Patient care doesn’t end at the exit door.”

We encourage you to read the full article, which you can find here.

Chief among our contributions on this topic is our well-received, three-part blog series, Putting Your Patients at the Center of Your Self Pay Strategy. We’ve referred to if often since we initially posted it in May of last year. With increasing media attention currently being paid to the subject, it seems like a good time to bring it back. Check out Part I: Putting Your Patients at the Center of Your Self Pay Strategy. If you'd like more insight on how to improve your patient's financial experience, download the offer below!


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