The Necessity for Change: End-to-End Revenue Solutions [Infographic]

Revenue cycle management improvement is a constant in the healthcare industry. Whether you're looking to improve outcomes, protect and increase revenue, lower costs, leverage technologies, improve analytics or even dip your toes is a broader pond of talent—it all boils down to continuous improvement in the face of change. 

In our End-to-End Revenue Solution Infographic, you can get up to date on industry trends and the impact there trends will have to your revenue cycle bottom line.

Key focus areas include statistics on the following: 

1) Tightening Margins
There is increasing pressure on hospitals to reduce inpatient volumes and readmission rates to meet the requirements for value-based care initiatives. Technology investment needs and healthcare affordability concerns all contribute toward the need to tighten operating margins and reduce costs.

2) Increase in Patient Responsibility
There is a heightened focus on patient outcomes and risk adjustment models. High Deductible Health Plans put patients in over their level of comfort for medical costs.

3) Accountable Care Functions Impact Technology
There is a need for updated technology systems for accurate quality reporting and reimbursement initiatives.

4) Staffing and Resources
There are imperatives to provide cost-effective care and efficient resource use across the board.

5) Rise of Consumerism
Patients want convenient personalized communication and financial channels to improve their healthcare experience.

Click the image to download a pdf copy of our End-to-End Revenue Solutions infographic:



About Lisa Skriver

Lisa Skriver

Lisa has 8 years of experience working both front and back end revenue cycle. At MediRevv she has served both as a Patient Experience Representative and as a Revenue Cycle Representative, and today, she works as an Inbound Marketing Lead, sharing relevant content through a variety of channels to make connections with prospective clients. She enjoys videography and photography.

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