Testing your ICD-10 resolutions for 2015

shutterstock_245180377It's January 22. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Whether you committed to a personal, professional or corporate goal, we would hazard a guess that the reality of resolution-making may have settled in by now: it was easy to make one, but the true challenge lies in actually accomplishing it.

In revenue cycle management circles, converting to ICD-10 is definitely top of mind as a 2015 goal. It even has a deadline – for now, at least, the compliance date is October 1, 2015. Our previous blogs have pointed out that many providers are losing confidence in the reality of converting to ICD-10, which begs the question, have we chosen an ICD-10 New Year’s resolution that is unattainable?

We say no, and the folks at Modern Healthcare reporting on recent CMS ICD-10 claims testing would concur. Why? Because early testing results are indeed positive.

CMS performed partial testing (aka acknowledgement testing) on more than 13,000 ICD-10 claims from 500 volunteer healthcare organizations. Modern Healthcare reports, “Nationally, CMS accepted 76% of total test claims. Testing did not identify any issues with the Medicare (fee for service) claims systems.” However, the testing did not calculate any payments.

The great news is that 76% is an acceptable rate for early testing, although acknowledgement testing is limited. Per CMS, partial testing simply confirms whether the claims were accepted or rejected. The more robust testing comes into play with end-to-end testing, which processes claims all the way through the Medicare system.

The window to apply for the April 16 to May 1 end-to-end testing closed yesterday. Results undoubtedly will provide better insight into the true acceptance rate of ICD-10 claims, so stay tuned, not stagnant. In the interim, we encourage you to develop a clear set of testing goals, dig deep to correct any issues discovered to date and keep your eyes set on the next end-to-end testing period (July 20 to 24), so as not to miss any opportunity to prepare for ICD-10 live.

As an aside, did you know that you don’t have to wait for testing dates to test? Stay tuned ...

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About Liz Urdahl, Senior Client Services Manager, Implementation

Liz Urdahl, Senior Client Services Manager, Implementation

Liz began her career at MediRevv as a Client Services Manager and today manages client portfolios as well as the new client implementation team. She is experienced in a vast number of systems, managing projects from both an ongoing and liquidation perspective, and has worked with clients across the United States.