Some states show improvement when it comes to number of uninsured

shutterstock_214343446Forgive us for overstating the obvious, but when more people have health insurance it’s good news for healthcare providers. More people having insurance was the promise of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but many have questioned whether that outcome would ever be realized to a significant enough degree to make the whole thing work as promised.

Some states, however, as reported online recently by Health Data Management, are showing signs of improvement. Citing a study by research group Wallethub, which compiled data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Census Bureau, Health Data Management highlighted the 10 states with the best uninsured rates following implementation of healthcare reform. In case you missed it, we thought we’d share the list and corresponding percentage improvements with you.

#1 Massachusetts
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 4.35%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 1.2%

#2 Rhode Island
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 14.34%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 5.6%

#3 District of Columbia
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 9.09%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 6.29%

#4 Hawaii
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 9.11%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 6.35%

#5 Oregon
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 16.91%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 6.38%

#6 West Virginia
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 17.34%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 6.59%

#7 Minnesota
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 10.07%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 6.61%

#8 Iowa
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 11.58%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 7.47%

#9 Washington
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 16.01%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 8.27%

#10 Kentucky
Pre-ACA uninsured rate: 17.3%
Post-ACA projected uninsured rate: 8.95%

While debate over the effectiveness of the ACA and the overall numbers the White House claims with regard to Medicaid expansion will surely continue for some time, this study shows that more people are now covered in those states making the list, and that’s good news for healthcare providers in those regions.

That said, thousands in these states – and all states – are uninsured and underinsured. Stop back next week as we explore what’s really going on in insurance today.


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