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Patient Pay Early Out

Solving Complex Financial Puzzles for Self Pay Patients

About two-thirds of Americans are surprised by their medical bills. Meanwhile, healthcare organizations repeatedly tell us that collecting from self pay patients in the first 120 days is tough going. At MediRevv, we're connecting the dots and finding ways to simplify the patient financial experience through education, all the while maximizing cash collection through expertise, best practices, and technology.

In just six years, the patient contribution to overall revenue has nearly tripled, which is why MediRevv makes a strong commitment to patient education during A/R follow up. Here's how:


 Here are a few key take-aways:

  • High-performing technology allows us to reach a large number of patients quickly, especially when self pay contributions make up such a large percent of revenue. 
  • Productivity monitoring increases quality and efficiency and allows us to identify trends and issues as they arise. We're able to provide our clients with accurate recommendations and key performance indicators. 
  • A critical component is to equally match an excellent clinical experience with a strong revenue cycle experience. Patient education is our focus, which is why having knowledgeable, trained specialists makes all the difference.
  • Propensity to pay technological tools allows us to build a segmented strategy on outbound campaigns. 

Ready to optimize your self pay strategy? Download our white paper the best place to start.


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