[Slide Share]: There's no GPS to help your patients on their financial journey through healthcare

Imagine if your patients were armed with all the tools and resources they needed to make informed decisions on their healthcare choices and billing options. The focus on surprise medical bills and patient loyalty has been in the news recently, along with how high-deductible health policies are linked to delayed diagnosis and treatment.

In our slide share below you'll see the impact and potential that a positive financial journey creates— as opposed to one filled with misinformation and road blocks. 


The Bottom Line

The pressures to collect outstanding medical bills has reached a critical point. It’s essential to expand payment options for patients and increase price transparency from the outset. Offering financial counseling and more convenient payment options will reduce the fear and frustration regarding medical bill uncertainty.

How do you start to bridge the gap between the current state of patient journey versus the
ideal experience?

Create patient engagement through clear, transparent communication when it comes to billing throughout every stop of the journey. Patients are looking for medical convenience and affordability.  To be a front runner in this race as a provider, you must find ways to give the patient what they desire. 

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About Lisa Skriver

Lisa Skriver

Lisa has 8 years of experience working both front and back end revenue cycle. At MediRevv she has served both as a Patient Experience Representative and as a Revenue Cycle Representative, and today, she works as an Inbound Marketing Lead, sharing relevant content through a variety of channels to make connections with prospective clients. She enjoys videography and photography.

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