AAPC says you need rock star Medical coders? We happen to know a few.

Did you see the AAPC's recent guide, Five Attributes of a Rock Star Coder? We thought for sure they were writing specifically about MediRevv coders.

A little presumptuous? Perhaps. We just happen to know that rock star medical coders actually drive your revenue cycle. Medical coding drives reimbursement, so accurate code selection renders proper payment, while an error in a code selection can lead to loss of revenue or an overpayment.

That’s precisely why coding requires painstaking attention to detail and a very specific type of person. In the words of MediRevv’s Coding Educator, Kimberly Vegter, “Coding is not difficult to the right person.”

We’re sure the AAPC had all this in mind recently when they published this guide. We’ve distilled out the highlights here:

Five Attributes of a Rock Star Medical Coders

1. Educated.

Gone are the days of on-the-job-training. Today’s coders hold certificates from an accredited organization, such as a CPC from AAPC or CCS-P from AHIMA. Yes, ICD-10 training is essential, too. 100% of MediRevv coders are certified and proficient in ICD-10.

2. Researcher.

In other words, extraordinary patience. Medical coders must understand how to find and follow payment policies, provider manuals and coding guidance found on each payer’s website, including those maintained by CMS in order to choose the right code. Every time. MediRevv coders share their knowledge; they are helpful by nature and never proprietary about their research findings.

3. Critical thinker. 

Medical coders make decisions all day long, but there is not always one right answer. By reviewing the documentation and applying coding guidelines, a coder must decide what can be coded before actually coding the services provided and the patient’s diagnoses. MediRevv coders take committed ownership of the results of our coding decision-makers. This, combined with full transparency makes for solid client relationships.

4. Detail-oriented.

Precise coding ensures providers are paid properly for the care provided. Further, medical coders can actually help providers improve providers’ documentation by identifying and sharing deficiencies. Detail-oriented coders double as stellar event planners. MediRevv has hosted an on-site conference and a webinar for coders as well as coding and revenue cycle leaders.

5. Confident. 

Coders must be confident in their coding ability and in communicating with other professionals. Having QA as part of the coding process is common for many practices/facilities, but the biggest contributor to confidence is certification (see #1), which validates the coders ability and commitment to continuing education. MediRevv has all the bases of QA and certification covered, with the same pain-staking detail we use to code in the first place.



Bottom line, rock star coders are in high demand. Many healthcare organizations struggle with retention as well as quality and efficiency. Coding backlogs or an increase in coding denials can be indicators that a partner might be the best solution for returning your coding operations – and your revenue cycle – to rock star status.

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