Removing the Guesswork from Accounts Receivable Insurance Follow up

We're willing to bet that the sweeping changes occurring in insurance today are leaving their mark on your revenue cycle. Backlogs and denials are common for most healthcare providers, and with regulatory challenges and the sheer volume of patients increasing, keen attention to your accounts receivable insurance balances is vital to the overall financial health of your organization.

MediRevv knows insurance like the back of our hand. We combine technology with specialized and skilled team members to further improve what our clients are already doing well and fill in any gaps. We’ve helped countless providers just like you to free up their accounting staff to focus on higher percentage collectibles while we put our insurance experience to work making sure your collections are maximized and your internal resources optimized.

Among our many "secrets"...

  • We work as an extension of the business office for insurance accounts receivables and gauge the scope of each project to maximize the results and patient satisfaction. 
  • We use our very own technology, myQ, to prioritize claim work flow on A/R. It removes the guesswork on root causes and allows specialists to focus on the task at hand. 
  • We believe that the most critical part of a successful insurance engagement fitting and fulfilling the needs and goals of our clients in a successful insurance engagement. 

Our clients say it best, though, so check out how quickly and completely we were able to resolve insurance balances for Northeast Georgia, below.

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About Rachel Trevizo

Rachel Trevizo

Rachel is responsible for all tactical operations to uphold contracts and produce exceptional results for MediRevv clients. She oversees the managerial and supervisory staff to ensure execution of work strategy and development of team members as well as the quality assurance and client services. Her unwavering focus is on ensuring the right actions to maximize impact and cash for MediRevv clients.

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