“Paltry numbers” for Stage 2?

shutterstock_181676537Yes, according to a July 9 article in Healthcare IT News, where a recent CMS report revealed its latest statistics regarding eligible providers and their MU Stage 2 attestation. 

We wrote fairly extensively in our recent blog, MU2 Stage 2: Patient Engagement and Self Pay, about the requirements of this second stage of Meaningful Use and the importance of patient engagement in not only your self pay initiatives, but also your Stage 2 attestation efforts. Here’s an excerpt:

An integrated strategy that includes self pay improvement and a plan that helps you achieve the patient engagement mandates of MU2 should go hand-in-hand.

MU2 is designed, in part, to encourage providers to engage their patients in their own care with the desired goal of improved outcomes and reduced costs. The mandates are very specific around patient and family engagement, requiring that providers, among other things:
  • Supply electronic/online access to a patient’s health record
  • Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information
  • Ensure that 5% of patients take specific actions regarding their care in order for providers to achieve meaningful use and receive incentive payments

The Healthcare IT News article is cautious to point out that CMS warns against drawing too many conclusions from statistics at this early stage of the game. Yet it is interesting (and perhaps comforting for some providers struggling with the mandates) that the percentages are this low, even this early.

We encourage you to take another look at our previous blog, MU2 Stage 2: Patient Engagement and Self Pay, and to read the article.

Then, we suggest you keep on with your readiness plans. Initial percentages of hospital attestation may be low, but the MU2 requirements with their 2014 deadlines, and your need to engage with your patients, are still in place.



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