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MediRevvers are Making a Difference in our Community this Summer

Along with the warmer weather, summertime offers an influx of opportunities for MediRevvers to donate their time, energy, and talents to local community initiatives. How do they manage to find time? Through MediRevv's VTO program — volunteer time off. 

Each eligible MediRevver is provided 16 hours of paid volunteer time per year to donate work time getting involved in the charity or event of their choice. This equates to around 4,400 hours each year of volunteer time.

When all is said and done, our MediRevvers find the most amazing and personal ways to give back. For Coding Apprentice Beth Hahn, it's a local annual Iowa Run/Walk for Epilepsy. Beth's daughter was diagnosed several years ago with epilepsy and has grand-mal seizures one or two times a week. Beth uses her VTO to help organize and promote the event.

epilepsy_purple_day.jpeg“The thing about epilepsy is that doctors and researchers have not been able to find a cause in most cases. There is so much research that needs to be done and the biggest contributor to research is the money that is raised by the various state and regional epilepsy foundations,” Hahn explained, when asked why the fundraiser is meaningful to her.

“The 5K/walk that the foundation hosts every year is a major fundraising activity. It is a really fun event, and it's rewarding to meet with other families impacted by epilepsy. In past years the MediRevvers who have participated have had a really good time. We have had a lot of laughs!”

Finding a Connection

Along with research fundraising volunteer opportunities, hunger locally and around the world is a cause that many MediRevvers support.

Accounts Receivable Specialist, Manny Rodriguez Jr. currently serves lunches to children with the local food pantry's Summer Lunch & Fun Program. Volunteers help prepare and serve meals to kids who may not be able to get a nutritious and balanced lunch at home while school is out.

He says that the program appeals to him because he knows that it can make a difference and he feels a connection with the kids. “It's local and it helps those who truly need help.”  


An organization called Feed My Starving Children is a popular volunteer opportunity among Medirevvers as well. The organization packs nutritious meals for children affected by malnourishment all over the world.

Accounts Receivable Specialist, Nicole Rodriguez led MediRevv’s participation at this year’s event after she volunteered for the first time with this organization last year. “I always see the commercials about helping starving children in third world countries by sending as little as one dollar a month, and I have always wanted to help, but even though it doesn't seem like much money, to a single mother of two it is hard to spare anything.”

“Volunteering with Feed my Starving Children is something I can actually do to help children get a meal that is formulated with essential nutrients to help their malnourishment, and it feels great to be involved.  When our shift was over everyone gathered around and organizers tallied up everything to let us know how many children and meals we helped feed/create. That's an amazing feeling.”

Paving the Way

Senior Accounts Receivable Specialist Shontiona Cameron co-founded 1 Love Foundation, which helps the community invest in local youth. She explains, “1 Love is a program aimed to improve the development of youth by way of positive actions. Kids are the future, and we look at it as making small investments in the future of our world.”

MediRevvers helped fundraise to support the organization by purchasing t-shirts (which, incidentally, are "approved" for casual Fridays at the office). The proceeds will go towards taking a group of youth to the South to give them a glimpse of the past and an understanding of the hardships that African Americans have faced, with the ultimate goal of instilling values and helping shape their future educational goals.

The need for volunteers is endless, but MediRevvers are doing their part, participating with other organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Toys for Tots, Habitat For Humanity (to name a few), and offering true compassion, care, energy, and spirit at every turn.

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