MediRevv Offers CPC Exam as Part of On-Site Apprentice Program

Dollarphotoclub_103400939.jpgApprenticeships aren’t just for plumbers and carpenters anymore. They’re beginning to thrive again in engineering, telecom, green energy, and healthcare (yes, even medical coding). Since President Obama’s call for action during his State of the Union address in 2014, the US has added 75,000 apprenticeships and in Spring 2016, he announced another $90M to be used to create more. The goal is simple: Allow more people to acquire training and necessary skills without incurring more debt, all while earning a paycheck.

The shortage of medical coders remains a hot topic as concerns surrounding the issue grow. ICD-10 Monitor predicts that medical coders and Health Information Management workers are retiring at a rate around three times faster than new students and graduates are entering the field. It’s time to get creative in order to entice fresh talent into medical coding, and focus on the importance of growing quality coders from the ground up.

MediRevv recognizes the need for new medical coders and offers a Coder Apprentice Program (CAP) to support the growth of our coding services line while creating a diversified career advancement option to current employees.

Unlike the traditional route of obtaining a medical coding certification, MediRevv’s CAP offers a huge incentive: paid support and training. CAP students continue to work in their current roles while attending a coding-related class once a week, taught on-site by MediRevv’s coding educator who helps prepare the apprentice students for course completion and exam preparation. MediRevv provides all the class materials as well as AAPC membership and the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam.

The CPC exam is a 150 multiple choice question test which students are given just under 6 hours to finish, and typically costs around $350 to take, in addition to class materials and books.

"I found this opportunity unique. Not only was I moving to a new job within the company, but also, MediRevv was willing to spend time and resources to help me grow and learn.”

— Coding Apprentice Justin Brame, on completing the first CAP session.

While apprentice programs at coding firms are rare in the industry, MediRevv sees the value of investing internally and producing well-trained coders by focusing on the quality of their education. The CAP program ensures our future medical coders are receiving proper, thorough and correct training, and it offers a several unique benefits not found in similar settings.

“The key benefit to the program for me was the ability to ask questions. The small class size was great and our educator was always available to help in any way. I think that was the biggest key for me to learn about a subject I had no prior experience in," Justin said.

By completing the CPC exam under the apprentice program, apprentice coders earn their CPC-A credential, with the “A” denoting apprentice. The AAPC requires at least two years of professional coding experience—or 80 hours of a coding preparation course and one year on-the-job—before apprentices can say goodbye to their apprentice designation.

MediRevv’s CAP has just closed the applicant window for the second term of the program, which has become highly coveted. Competition is stiff among current MediRevvers for the four to six apprentice openings available during each term of the program. And, not surprisingly, CAP has strict requirements. In order to be considered, employees must meet the following criteria:

  • Employed with MediRevv for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Demonstrated success in productivity and quality expectations at MediRevv: 100% in productivity and 95% in quality achieved YTD or relevant period of time.
  • Any employee accepted into the CAP must remain a MediRevv employee for 12 months after completion of the training.
  • Employees enrolled in the CAP will be responsible for communicating any CAP-related obligations to their Supervisor in a timely manner.
  • CAP participants must continue to achieve MediRevv standards throughout the duration of the program. This includes productivity expectations, quality of work, and all other relevant policies and procedures. Failure to maintain this performance can result in termination from the CAP.

Per the AAPC, once CAP students earn their CPC-A credential, they will enter a 12-month mentor program in the coding department at MediRevv. During the mentorship they will receive practical training through job shadow, coding practice, access to a certified coding instructor as well as continued educational opportunities such as webinars and roundtables.

The Bottom Line

Fresh, talented and well-trained coders are the future of medical coding here at MediRevv. We take pride in helping these highly qualified individuals achieve their goals with our apprentice program, where loyalty and dedication prevail.


About Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia leads all aspects of Coding Services at MediRevv, including the day to day management of coding operations and client account management. As Director of Coding she has grown division from a staff of one to forty. She is certified CCS-P (2002) through AHIMA.

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