MediRevv launches new service line: Eligibility Management


Launching a new service line is a big deal. So let me tell you about our current big deal:

We are pleased to announce the addition of Eligibility Management service line to our revenue cycle solutions for healthcare providers.

To make it simple, Eligibility Manangement helps providers better link their uninsured and underinsured inpatient, outpatient and emergency department patients to the appropriate medical assistance programs. These programs include Medicaid, Disability, Victim of Violent Crime and other available medical assistance programs. Offering Eligibility management allows us to both educate and empower the patient while simultaneously improving cash within the provider's revenue cycle.

As with all MediRevv solutions, though, our Eligibilty offerings are unique in terms of responsive and responsible approach we take. Simultaneously, we educate and empower out patients while helping our hospital-client meet their revenue cycle and community outreach goals. 

ypb_crop_1Promoting someone to vice president is also a big deal, and we have news here, too. 

MediRevv has promoted Yvonne Perez to Vice President of Eligibility Management. Yvonne was previously a managing consultant with MediRevv. Her 17 years of experience with accounts receivable, patient financial services, patient access and business process outsourcing, with an emphasis on extended business office and Medicaid/medical assistance eligibility services made this an natural choice.

Check out our press release for more about this big deal at MediRevv. And check out Eligibility Management on our website for further details. You can reach Yvonne directly, too.

We're pretty sure that the launch of Eligibility Management will provide an immediate impact to our clients’ financial performance, and we’re delighted to have Yvonne at the helm.



About Chris Klitgaard

Chris Klitgaard

At MediRevv, Chris oversees the strategic, financial, technical, sales, marketing and operational elements of the organization. He credits his leadership team and all his MediRevvers for their daily creativity, drive and commitment to breaking down obstacles on the way to bottom-line success.

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