MediRevv Helps General Public Understand ICD-10

Ask someone on the street what ICD-10 is and you'll likely get a blank stare in return. Even after a brief explanation and an overview of the expected transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 later this year, a likely response might be a shrug of the shoulders. Why should a patient, as a consumer of healthcare, even care, after all?

A local health reporter for The Gazette (Cedar Rapids) took on this challenge last week and wrote a public interest piece, published this past Sunday morning, that outlines basics of this medical code update (quoting our very own coding educator Kim Vegter at the outset) as well as the challenges that healthcare providers face in implementing the new code set, including delays and overall expense.

All told, we love the reporter's sense of humor and her choice to publish a few rare codes from among the 70,000 that will actually make a person laugh out loud: "struck by a duck, sequela" (W61.62) and "burn due to water-skis on fire, subsequent encounter" (V91.07xD), among others.

For the whole story, check out the article here. Can you think of a reason why it matters to patient-consumers that ICD-10 is around the corner?

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