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MediRevv Gives Back to the Community on Behalf of Employees

MediRevv Gives is a committee established in early 2018 as a way for MediRevv to honor our community service by putting funds behind our verbal commitment to our employees — that we want to make a difference inside and outside MediRevv's walls.  First and foremost, the committee honors requests from MediRevvers who hold a leadership position within a non-profit or who support a "near and dear" cause.  Since early this year, MediRevv has made corporate gifts to over forty organizations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  


Charities and Organizations

Here are a few organizations that have received a donation from #medirevvgives  so far this year: 

  • Friends of the Animal Center Foundation — supports the Iowa City Animal Center and raising funds to help animals have food security and shelter
  • Especially for You — fight against breast cancer race— raises money for breast cancer screenings and genetic preventative testing
  • Husome Strong Foundation — helps local amputees gain access to better prosthetic limbs
  • Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation and March of Dimes are national organizations that MediRevvers in Iowa and in Anaheim helped fund to improve the lives of moms and babies facing health challenges.
  • Future Superstars and FastTrac Civil Rights  — provide opportunities for at-risk youth including sporting events and college tours
  • Table to Table and Feed Iowa First — bring quality food to Iowans facing food scarcity
  • World Bicycle Relief — gives individuals bikes to get back and forth to work and school


Especially for You Committee members: Amber Lynne, Jeffrey Decker Rachel Hahn, Christina Djerf, Melissa Werner, Patty T. 

Festivals and events


  • Trekfest in Riverside an annual event hosted by Riverside Area Community Club.
  • TIFFUN Creek Fest, a kid-friendly event  in Tiffin, with proceeds providing school supplies, haircuts, and more
  • Sweetgrass Festival, a flute and nature celebration in Cedar Rapids
  • RAGBRAI, an annual bike across Iowa, was supported in Riverside as well as Iowa City
  • Camp Courageous — offers a no-limits recreational camp for people with disabilities
  • West Liberty Youth Sports — encourages athletic development in young people.
  • West Branch Community Development Group, a Main Street Iowa Community, champions downtown economic development of the historic commercial district. 


“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”



We Have More to Give

It's a core focus of MediRevv to support a wide range of community events and non-profit organizations. When we make an impact locally it's great, but it's awesome when we do so on the behalf of our employees who see outreach opportunities in the community and say, "Yes, this is what MediRevv does in times of need."

This is only the beginning, and we have more to give. 

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