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Four Medicaid-specific enrollment strategies and proof they actually work

shutterstock_304169342Here is something to make your day a little sunnier...four carefully laid out, actionable strategies that can bring positive change for increased Medicaid enrollment.

Plus, a few little-known facts about two states that did it right, but may not be on your radar.

Let's start with the facts. 

As of August, more than 72.4 million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. That’s an additional 293,278 people enrolled in August 2015 compared with July 2015, according to the August 2015 Monthly Applications Eligibility Determinations and Enrollment Report published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

A June 2015 brief from UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Health Reform & Modernization identifies four proven strategies that states have adopted to efficiently and effectively enroll Medicaid-eligible individuals and families. The brief, titled Successful Medicaid Enrollment Strategies to Cover the Uninsured, focuses on best practices and strategic approaches adopted by Kentucky and Arkansas to enroll their uninsured residents.

In Kentucky, Medicaid enrollment increased by 76% in 2014, which was the largest increase of any state.  Arkansas, with a 46% increase in enrollment, saw the largest increase of any state implementing an alternate coverage expansion in 2014. 

Want to know how Kentucky and Arkansas rocked those results? Read on.

Enrollment Strategies

1. Full Financial Clearance: Integrating enrollment and administrative systems for the sharing of information.

MediRevv Eligibility Management performs this function through a Financial Clearance Bridge with EBO to ensure that patient data and first contact resolution is achieved.

2. Linkage to appropriate eligibility pathways: Establishing multiple application pathways to streamline the process. Consider mini-applications, online, in person, by phone and through the mail. According to the brief, “An important element of success is ensuring each pathway has sufficient administrative capacity to accommodate increased consumer demand for identifying and selecting coverage option.”

MediRevv provides patients with assistance through the application process regardless of how the application is initiated. We have the administrative capacity to assist the increased demand.

3. Eligibility experts focused on patient-centric services: Providing robust customer assistance throughout the Medicaid process to isolated rural areas, to non-English speakers and a call-center to provide the non-in-person support.

MediRevv has bilingual staff available to assist patients, highly-educated and trained staff with Medicaid and Disability expertise across all states and the ability to reach out to patients in isolated rural areas.

4. Outreach Program: Developing high-impact awareness campaigns to encourage enrollment by leveraging community relationships.

MediRevv works closely with community organizations including homeless coalitions, migrant councils, and community leaders. Additionally, we practice patient education literacy during the screening process in order to provide the patient about their coverage options, application pathways, and healthcare current and future benefits.
Proactive enrollment strategies can expand past the state level and be incorporated by the provider to maximize Medicaid reimbursement. When done right, they can also create a patient-centric environment that remains "friendly" from the moment the patient seeks care until the moment his or her account is resolved.

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