Industry Trends: More of what 2015 will bring

Healthcare trends in 2015 are enough to make your head spin. That’s why we’re happy to track them and report back to you in our exclusive MediRevv Industry Trends blog series.

Previously, we took a quick look at the continuing trend of patient financial responsibility for care, and reviewed the importance of developing an effective self pay strategy. Let’s look now at seven additional emerging healthcare trends for 2015 that we thought you might be interested in, as cited in a recent FierceHealthcare online article.

More convenience for less privacy: With the proliferation of digital tools and services that provide treatment options based on data analysis, "privacy will lose ground to convenience in 2015."

Innovation in response to costly patients: The aging population, comorbidity in patients and the cost of care for "dual eligibles”—patients eligible for coverage under both Medicaid and Medicare—will foster creative care delivery and management systems."

Expanded scope of practice: "Extenders" of physician care are more important to patients, as indicated by new laws expanding other clinicians' practice authority, as well as risk-based payment models and remote, digital patient monitoring.

Transparency initiatives: Next year will bring initiatives that aim to shine a light on clinical trial data, outcomes and physician-pharmaceutical financial relationships, according to the report, which will help boost patient care quality.

Even more emphasis on positive outcomes: As healthcare becomes increasingly outcomes-based, evidence and definitions for high-quality outcomes will be in high demand.

More approved, portable home medical devices, necessitating strong information security.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) healthcare, such as smartphone-linked devices and mobile apps.

Thanks to FierceHealthcare for sharing their insights into what’s coming in 2015. We’ll be back with more MediRevv Industry Trends, so stay tuned.



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