Industry Trends: A look back

In a couple of recent blogs, we took a look ahead at some of the trends on our radar screen for the coming year. But what’s a look ahead, without a look back?

Throughout 2014, we’ve blogged and written about a number of topics that are continuing to trend in 2015. In a recent white paper, we took a look at how accountable care organizations and how the change from a fee-for-service payment model to a value-based model is affecting healthcare. Another white paper from 2014 focused on the ever-increasing role that technology will play in medicine, particularly with regard to patient collections. And we blogged about how technology such as patient portals will help providers deliver the ability for those in their care to take a more active role in their health moving forward.

Some of these trends are here in’s recent review of 2014 healthcare trends. We thought we’d share a glimpse with you, after which we’re sure you’ll want to check out the full article.

Value-Based Care Insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid programs are pushing for better relationships with accountable care organizations and different payment models, including shared savings, co-management of service lines, bundled payment and patient-centered medical homes.

Healthcare Organization Consolidation In 2013, there was a major trend of “mega-mergers” in the healthcare landscape. 2014 saw a different trend emerge as consolidation became more popular. This happened, largely because of the Affordable Care Act and the growing need for coordinated care.

Healthcare Information Technology Over the last year, one of the bigger focuses has been on population health analytics. There is less emphasis on diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and facilities. This has lead to an increase in telehealth, e-visit, mobile apps, electronic data warehouse, population analytics, big data, electronic health records and electronic prescriptions.

Many trends emerged in healthcare in 2014 and, again, you can check out the full article here.

Of course, we invite you to be on the lookout for more MediRevv Industry Trends as we make our way through 2015.


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