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Everybody loves an occasional clouds to sunshine story, right? Along New York’s Hudson River Valley lies Bon Secours Health System, which delivers outstanding healthcare from fourteen locations throughout the region.

As part of this renowned system, Bon Secours Charity Health System (BSCHS), a highly respected faith-based provider employing more than 800 physicians from three New York locations, has inspired considerable patient loyalty through its delivery of high-quality care and focus on the overall patient experience.
Recently, the organization found itself facing the challenges so many providers are up against with regard to self pay, specifically the difficulties associated with designing and implementing a solid strategy without the adequate, trained internal staff. BSCHS chose to outsource their revenue cycle functions to MediRevv and together we’ve received some spectacular results. We thought we’d share them with you.

Over eight months from 2012 to 2013, BSCHS increased their self pay collection success rate by a full 17.7%, and decreased their bad debt placements by more than 50%. All of which has, according to Doug Barry, former Bon Secours’ VP of Revenue Cycle, “driven improved financial results for the health system…without losing sight of the patient experience.”

For this provider that places such importance on treating its patients with dignity and respect, being able to implement a best practices strategy that educates and informs patients with regard to their bills has improved patient outcomes, inspired patient loyalty, and as a result, enhanced the organization’s revenue cycle performance.



About Kent Smith

Kent Smith

Kent leads MediRevv’s new business sales initiatives and marketing and account management programs. He has built, from the ground up, a cohesive team of healthcare sales and marketing professionals who understand the critical aspects of any engagement: exceeding the expectations of and creating value for our clients; building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships; and maintaining transparency and a high level of trust in our execution.

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