ICD-10 Questions: Who you gonna call?

When you have an ICD-10 coding question, who you gonna call? Well, for the providers at one health system, the answer is not Ghostbusters, but rather MediRevv.

Make no mistake, this health system had invested in their ICD-10 training and education and had done a great job preparing their coders and providers prior to the implementation deadline. The hotline was established to supplement that hard work after the October 1 transition.

Answering provider questions as they arose was the best way to set everyone's mind at ease. The health system predicted that providers would have questions relating to the assignment of diagnosis codes during the transition to the new classification system, and we knew we could provide correct, complete answers, on the spot.

ICD-10-trained MediRevv coders, like Rhonda (above), staffed the ICD-10 hotline from October 1-16, six days a week with extended hours. As expected, the calls coming in varied widely: hearing loss to antepartum to seventh digit sequencing and beyond. What we didn't anticipate, however, was that the call volume overall was low. We think that's the best indication that this health system did their job to prepare their providers for the transition, and that they are comfortable and confident with the new system.

How has your transition to ICD-10 been so far? If you require more coders, more training, help with ICD-9 while you get up to speed on ICD-10, or you just need some clear answers on ICD-10, visit our website and drop us a line.

We're here to help make your entire revenue cycle smoother, more efficient, and more profitable.



About Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia leads all aspects of Coding Services at MediRevv, including the day to day management of coding operations and client account management. As Director of Coding she has grown division from a staff of one to forty. She is certified CCS-P (2002) through AHIMA.

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