ICD-10: Don’t celebrate just yet

After all the preparation for ICD-10, it may be a relief for many that the deadline has passed and we’re now underway. And that’s good. Sort of.

Any long-anticipated event, especially one causing such apprehension for so many, brings a sense of liberation once it arrives. You might be thinking that you listened to the right advice, educated and trained your staff, tested and readied your systems and protected your cash reserves in the face of what was coming. Now let’s get on with it!We applaud such exuberance. Yet it would be a mistake to relax too much and assume that all your prior preparation is a guarantee for success. Even the best-prepared organizations are going to hit snags—some of which could have significant consequences (think non-compliance, slow payments, denials, tons of rework, etc.).

Ongoing analysis, evaluation, communication and training will be keys to success here in this brave new world, especially as it relates to your coding staff.

Make sure you continue to monitor and audit your coding staff to catch mistakes early and identify additional training opportunities. Not only will uncorrected mistakes negatively affect your workflow, your revenue cycle and potentially your care quality, but they could also quickly demoralize your coding staff.

Your coders want to succeed, and just as it was your role to provide them with the necessary pre-ICD-10 training and education, it’s your role now to continue their training and give them every opportunity to succeed. Continuous open dialogue with your coding team will help you identify and correct problems early, before they become significant issues. This, of course, will help with staff morale, which will ensure continued high coding performance and then translate to improved compliance and faster reimbursements. You get the picture, I'm sure. 

Should you find you don’t have the expertise or resources in-house to be effective in these areas, give us a call. MediRevv’s coding professionals are rock stars in the industry, and they’re ready to help in any number of ways.



About Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia leads all aspects of Coding Services at MediRevv, including the day to day management of coding operations and client account management. As Director of Coding she has grown division from a staff of one to forty. She is certified CCS-P (2002) through AHIMA.

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