ICD-10 Coding: We Challenge You to a Dual

Dual coding, that is. (And it certainly is challenging.)

For starters, preparing for and maintaining dual code libraries will certainly result in diminished productivity. (How could it not?) Further, having the right team in place — likely a larger team of experienced coders conversant not only in ICD-9 and the more complex ICD-10, but also in managing both simultaneously — will help minimize productivity loss and reduce claim denials. Warning: this level of staffing will likely be expensive.

Maintaining dual codes will also necessitate a system that’s smart and sophisticated enough to handle the two libraries, with different files created to ensure proper management of both. Again, this also won’t be cheap.

The good news is that the recent ICD-10 deadline delay to October 2015 buys you extra time to prepare. Take time now to practice dual coding, as it may lead to reduced risk and increased operational efficiencies down the road, which can help you to regain some of the aforementioned expenses.

We challenge those healthcare providers who’ve looked at the delay as an opportunity to relax a bit to resist that temptation. Take advantage of this chance to really focus on your dual coding efforts. Put the processes, technologies and people in place that will help ensure success.

No easy task? We hear you. Often times bringing in an outside firm experienced in ICD-10 coding and how to minimize the transition’s effects on the revenue cycle can be a smart move, especially since success in this area can literally be a matter of survival.

Let us know if we can help. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our eBook. Click below!


About Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia Sherman

Cynthia leads all aspects of Coding Services at MediRevv, including the day to day management of coding operations and client account management. As Director of Coding she has grown division from a staff of one to forty. She is certified CCS-P (2002) through AHIMA.

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