How MediRevv Adds to Your Bottom Line with Outstanding Revenue Cycle Results

how-medirevv-improves-revenue-cycle-bottom-line.jpgThe patient experience is one of the most important elements within your revenue cycle. In order to find success in self pay, we believe making the right connection at the right time and sending the right messaging is the key to generating revenue (and not losing it).

Patients costs are rising, contributing 20-30% consistently to annual patient services revenue. In order to increase patient satisfaction and add revenue to your bottom line we combine top-line technology with an educational approach. MediRevv offers strong provider experience, and the best team to be a true partner in delivering outstanding bottom line results.

Our educated, forward-thinking team is dedicated to providing the right solutions for the right situation to deliver a patient financial experience that continues to move the needle on your bottom line — and on each patient's complete healthcare experience.

Self pay

Our self pay solutions are built on trust, which we know must be earned. We think of your patients as our own, and we gauge our own success by the long-term benefits to your bottom line.

We offer:

  •   Self Pay Management System
  •   Propensity to Pay Segmentation Tools
  •   Patient Interaction Technology
  •   Patient Facing Technologies

Insurance Follow-Up

We know insurance resolution is rarely straightforward. With the rise in patients carrying their own unique combination of insurance, expertise and attention to detail is absolutely essential, and we take extra care to get it right — every single time.

We put our insurance experience to work:

  • Ongoing insurance resolution
  • Defined insurance projects by age, date, or payer
  • Denials management solutions

And we use myQ, MediRevv’s unique engine that powers our insurance collection solution. We use this application to prioritize and stratify claim follow-up activity across all payer types. myQ captures real-time productivity tracking, robust reporting and root cause denial trending, all in one package.


Right now the medical coding and billing industry is short of trained medical coders by 30%. MediRevv is your one-stop-shop for your professional and facility coding needs.

We can confidently offer solutions for:

  •  Coding Services
  •  Denials Management, including specialized attention to edits

Our clients tell us that the thing they love most about our coding services is the flexibility we provide. With a wide coverage of specialties for professional and inpatient services we can give you the coding expertise customized to your organization’s needs. Our quality is paramount and we have a proven track record of clearing backlogs, maximizing accuracy and increasing productivity across the board.

The Bottom Line

From self pay and insurance follow up to our extensive coding services and beyond, MediRevv delivers unmatched value across the entire RCM spectrum. We’d like to show you what we mean by all of this, and give you a firsthand look at the successes we’ve helped our clients achieve over the years.

Then we’d like to talk about how we can do the same for you.

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About Kent Smith

Kent Smith

Kent leads MediRevv’s new business sales initiatives and marketing and account management programs. He has built, from the ground up, a cohesive team of healthcare sales and marketing professionals who understand the critical aspects of any engagement: exceeding the expectations of and creating value for our clients; building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships; and maintaining transparency and a high level of trust in our execution.

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