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How Excellence in Medical Coding Contributes to Revenue Cycle Success

Are you thinking about medical coding as a cog in the wheel that turns your revenue cycle? We're actually thinking about your revenue cycle that way.  At MediRevv, we are committed fully to providing medical coding expertise where you need it when you need it, with the flexibility to handle front end coding,  denials, edits and more as each need arises. And we all know the needs are many, with recent and upcoming regulatory changes and an overall coder shortage.

Take a look at our short video, which explains exactly how we code for our clients,  and more importantly, why we place such a high priority on finding rock star coders to meet your needs.



Here are a few highlights:

  • MediRevv coders understand their role in revenue cycle, that a properly coded record equals a clean claim which results in fast, accurate payments from payers.
  • Our priority is on quality and productivity; it is critical that we code at a level of accuracy that is acceptable to our clients. We operate at above 98% accuracy
  • Along with AHIMA or AAPC certifications, we stay up to date on the latest industry trends, regulations, and CMS changes. 100% of our MediRevv coding staff is ICD-10 proficient. 
  • Our coders provide flexibility, meeting client needs by seamlessly shifting from working claim edits, to denials to front end coding and more, across all specialities.


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