Expanding Our Reach: Growing Our Company Affords Opportunities For Cultural Success

MediRevv’s ten year anniversary is certainly memorable for many reasons, but one of the most exciting things that happened in 2017 was our business expansion — we call it MediRevv Heritage —which included bringing on more than 200 new team members in California. The details of this unique partnership with St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare is in our press release found here: MediRevv and Heritage Announce Best Practice Revenue Cycle Services Partnership. This addition to the MediRevv family brings extra opportunities to work hard, play hard and give more back to our communities.

We value our culture, and we echo the words of Whole Foods, CEO, John Mackey, “If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning.” Depending on who you ask, healthcare revenue cycle management may not be at the top of the list when it comes to adventurous or thrilling careers. We’re okay with that, and it's precisely why we work so hard create a culture of accountability — and fun!

Here are three of the great cultural outcomes resulting from our new business partnership.

We believe Merging WORKPLACE cultures MAKES US stronger


Because our employees work hard, we believe they deserve and need fun breaks every once in awhile. With that intention as a directive, MediRevv’s dedicated culture committee, Ethos, dreams up creative ideas and plans fun events at work, including “Minute to Win it” challenges, grill days, and friendly in-office competitions like decorating contests to name a few. With the addition of MediRevv Heritage, we’re able to amplify the Ethos spirit across 1500 miles.

“We surround ourselves with good people who support each other at every level of the organization. We know that sharing our mindset and values creates a climate for productivity and achievements of all kinds,” says Christine Vega-Bromberg, Manager of Human Resources, Heritage Division.

We’re able to make a bigger impact through volunteering our time

Each MediRevver is given the opportunity to volunteer at the organization of his/her choice for up to 16 paid work hours each year. We call it Volunteer Time Off (VTO). That’s right, we pay our employees to volunteer. During the holiday season, we have employees volunteering with organizations like Toys For Tots and Optimist Club Christmas Tree Sales, and this year the company as a whole is adopting several families in need to provide holiday meals, gifts and clothing items.

Dawn Wisman, Manager of Human Resources says, “With MediRevv now totaling 659 employees, that equates to over 10,000 hours of volunteering. We’re excited and grateful! This affords us even greater opportunities to make a positive impact with our local community here in Iowa, and now the local communities in Orange County, California as well.”

We proactively create opportunities for our employees’ health and wellbeing

MediRevv’s wellness program, RevvUp, creates positive outcomes in four areas of care: health, social, financial, and professional development. When our employees take care of themselves, they are best prepared to serve our client partners.

We are proactively expanding the wellness offerings available to our new employees in the West as well as our local staff by offering monthly subscription services. HAABIT, our wellness partner, develops and shares video workouts and customized meal plans to meet each participant’s fitness needs and goals. Employees receive the equipment necessary to perform the workouts at home on their own schedules, with accountability and guidance along the way from a certified coach. The videos include over 1000 different exercise demonstrations, like this one:


With the new year around the corner, there will be an uptick on the focus for health, and HAABIT’s CEO, Drew Chamberlin, is already planning a friendly competition to help employees achieve their health goals. “We will be offering BodyMetrix scans, which use ultrasound technology to measure fat to muscle ratio. It’s unique because it’s not just focused on weight loss; everyone has a chance to improve their body by increasing muscle and losing fat. We’ll hold a company wide competition from January through April, it will be a great way to unite and motivate MediRevvers onsite in Iowa and at MediRevv Heritage,” he said.

Because our RevvUP program was built for total employee wellness, we are continually looking for innovative ways to expand our offerings across all areas of care.  

The Bottom Line

We are thankful for the opportunities our new partnership offers to enjoy our time spent at work, support one another as well as our own communities, and meet individual and collective wellness goals. We look forward to making a positive impact in 2018 and beyond. Happy holidays from your friends at MediRevv!

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About Nicki Brick, Director of Human Resources

Nicki Brick, Director of Human Resources

Nicki is the Director of Human Resources, joining the MediRevv team in 2016. She believes that if we motivate, develop and genuinely care for our people the possibilities are endless. Nicki is dedicated business growth of MediRevv, seeking top-notch talent for the company. She is inspired by the generosity and selfless acts of others.

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