Dignity Health: The Challenge of Managing Aging Insurance Accounts During Rapid Growth

DHMF_logoChanges. Challenges. Foreboding deadlines. Par for the course in our healthcare industry. That’s why, on occasion, we like to share the success stories of organizations that have asked for help when and where they needed it most and have come to experience the true meaning of “maximum cash performance.”

Dignity Health Medical Foundation, a non-profit public benefit organization with thirteen medical groups throughout California, needed assistance with aged insurance accounts while internal staff worked the newer, more collectable balances in this A/R category. At the same time, Dignity Health Medical Foundation was growing – really growing. Capturing the most revenue possible to support and sustain that growth was as much a priority as meeting best practice standards.

Fast forward ten months and two placements later. Dignity Health Medical Foundation enjoys a partnership with MediRevv that, in less than a year, resulted in $28.4 million in cash collections. Along the way, MediRevv has helped Dignity Health Medical Foundation initiate improvements to its documentation management and claims resolution processes.

Want the details? Download the Dignity Health Medical Foundation case study today.

If any of Dignity’s pain points ring true for you, there’s one more thing you should know. While our success with Dignity Health Medical Foundation stems from years of experience with similar projects, the quantifiable results we’ve achieved pale in comparison to what we consider to be the ultimate value of our client partnerships: transparency and trust.

Your pain points? We’re listening!

Managing aged insurance during growth

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Chris Klitgaard

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